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Win a Ton of Blu-rays and Other Stuff in Our ‘Oculus’ Contest!!

Bloody Disgusting has another great contest centered around Relativity’s Oculus (review), directed by Mike Flanagan, before it hits theaters on April 11!

The prize pack consists of a Blumhouse Productions horror blu-ray prize pack including the films Sinister, Insidious 2, Paranormal Activity 3 and The Purge. The winner will also take home some fun branded items including an iPhone case, eye mask, timer, stadium cup and a UV color reveal t-shirt (revealing “blood”). If you’re in the continental US – you can play!

The story centers on a murder that left two children orphans with authorities charging the brother while his sister believed that the true culprit was a haunted antique mirror. Now completely rehabilitated and in his twenties, the brother is ready to move on but his sister is determined to prove that the haunted mirror was responsible for destroying their family.” Karen Gillan, Katee Sackhoff, Brenton Thwaites, Rory Cochrane, Annalise Basso and Garrett Ryan all star.

What do you have to do to win? Take to the comments and tell me about your WORST mirror story. Don’t be boring. What’s the worst thing you’ve EVER seen in there?



  • 2nahelper

    I once had a small toothache, but thought nothing of it and went to sleep. I woke up the next morning & my reflection looked like Rocky Dennis. I had an abscess & it made the entire left side of my face swell up.

  • Kane Soto

    my reflection 😛

  • Jeff Dominguez

    i was in the bathroom washing my face and about to go to bed when i looked up from splashing water on my face, in the mirror i saw an old man behind me grinning, i shook my head to see if i was hallucinating and nobody was there. it wasn’t the first and only time i saw things at home either

  • hncreature

    Wish I had a really good one but here goes – As kids we tried the Bloody Mary thing only to continue to freak ourselves out and not get to the third Bloody Mary – I know weak but it’s all I got

  • 6Hypnone

    I would have to say…one time as I was washing my face for bed, I looked up into the mirror and saw, behind me on the wall, the biggest spider I had ever see, approx. the size of my hand. I got the f* out of there.

  • dedward33us

    One time, many years ago when I was a lad of ten, I was home alone. Sitting in my living room, reading a comic book and snuggled in my favorite blanket. It was late at night, about 11:30, and everyone else had gone to sleep. I heard a knock; very soft, but decidedly a knock. I sat and listened, my little heart pounding. There was something sinister about that knock. It knocked again, longer that time, and I realized it was coming from the giant mirror hanging in the hall. I got up to see what the mirror wanted. As I approached, I heard a small chuckle. Nope. I ran upstairs as fast as my little legs could carry me and buried myself under the covers.

  • iMovieSlasher

    Got shoved to the ground by 4 strangers on a Max Train in Portland, Oregon. I stood up and was bleeding all over the floor. They had to evacuate the car because it was considered a bio hazard. I had bit my lip so hard it punctured and people just stared
    At me, asking if I should go to the hospital and felt
    Nothing else besides the puncture. Out of embarrassment I walked 16 blocks home and went to wash up, looked in the mirror to see one of my bottom
    Teeth sticking out of my left cheek. Then I went to the hospital.

    Another time I got up to get a steak and saw myself tearing my face off, but it was just a dream…that girl is still in my tv though.

  • ikawip

    I woke up Superbowl Sunday a few years back, headed to the bathroom. I look in the mirror and the whole left side of my face is 3/4 of inch lower than the right side and its is paralyzed. I had contracted Bell’s palsy. I had the same reflection for almost a month, it was AWESOME (sarcasm)

  • Sceptic03

    Growing up I lived in an old house in Pennsylvania owned by my grandparents, that was probably used for the underground railroad complete with secret stairs in a closet that lead down to a secret room in the basement and an entrance in the kitchen cabinets. They often rented out the second floor because it had a whole kitchen and bathroom. Well one day I was over there playing as a child and my grandmother and I heard screaming and fighting. Assuming it was the kids outside she checked and no one was there. The screaming and fighting started again followed by a loud crash coming from upstairs this time. She went upstairs to check and there was a very heavy old mirror shattered everywhere and the top half was still on the wall. It terrified me for years

  • dinos

    The worse thing I saw in the mirror is a reflection of myself.
    I have not been a nice person lately…Arguing alot with people..

  • vtasrcrds82

    At a pervious apartment, I was about the shave when I saw the shower curtain behind me move a little. I thought it was a little wind as I had the bathroom door open. About 10 seconds later, the curtain moved again, but this time it was different. It was as if someone had bumped into it. However, that wasn’t what freaked me out. What made me leave the apartment for the rest of the day was hearing a little child’s giggle in the bathroom with me…I don’t have kids nor do I live with anyone else! So glad I’m not living there anymore.

  • ReplicA

    It sounds weird, I know, but I glanced at the bathroom mirror as I passed it. And I didn’t recognize myself. I had to look for about 5 minutes, and still couldn’t recognize my reflection. I wasn’t on drugs, or even drunk. It was one of the creepiest experiences of my life.

  • Ronster

    I have to say that the absolute worst mirror story I had was when I once used a public restroom. I had walked in, and the restroom smelled like somebody had crapped on the floor! Literally! I looked to the left, and to my disgust, someone had finger painted the words on the mirror in all caps “SHIT HAPPENS” using their shit!!

  • Lion7718

    I saw my ex-wife…

  • platypus1116

    Slightly hallucinating from lack of sleep, I looked in the mirror and watched half my face morph into something else. Took me a few minutes to snap out of it and get to bed.

  • WineandWatch

    This is really gross, but when I was a teenager I had a really bad zit on the tip of my nose so I tried to pop it. When I FINALLY did, the pus sprayed out and onto the mirror and made this awful sound (think the sound a contact solution bottle makes when you squeeze out the last of what’s inside). Then I squeezed the tip of my nose again and a huge stream of blood (not even joking here) shot out and covered a good chunk of my mirror. It legit looked like I had slashed my throat and aimed the blood stream at my mirror. I have never been more grossed out-terrified of my own body. So yeah, sorry for being gross but it’s totally true.

  • Rot-13

    The worst mirror story I can think of is the first time I bent over in front of a mirror to look at my butt, and saw my asshole staring back at me. It did this wink thing that totally freaked me out forever!

  • richi_cardoo13

    One time I look at myself in the mirror. Nothing was there, not even my reflection.

  • BirnamWood

    Kane Soto’s reflection.

    Just kidding, Kane…

    When my now-wife and I first started dating, she wasn’t really into horror movies, so I was finding some choice ones for her (she’s a great sport…). One night after she’d finished reading World War Z and we’d just finished watched the Dawn of the Dead remake, she was in the bathroom washing her face. I sneaked in behind her while she was drying her face off, so when she lowered the towel and suddenly saw a figure standing behind her in the mirror she screamed, and her fight-or-flight response was to punch and scratch out at the shape that appeared. I’ve never done this again, and I still have a scar on my chest.

    I’d come to find out that zombies are the one sub-genre that she really finds terrifying, and she was really on edge from the book and the movie.

  • Blood-Sicles

    I had a really uneasy feeling riding on the bus but couldn’t figure out what it was. After 15 minutes I looked up and this creepy old dude on the bus was staring at me via the reflection on the bus window. I’m sure it wasn’t as bad as I made it sound, but my heart skipped a beat or two when I saw it. After we made reflection-eye-contact, the trip was notably more uncomfortable.

  • neverkn0wsbeset

    I once woke up on the floor of a bathroom naked. I had no idea who’s bathroom. My head was splitting and the blood behind my eyes throbbed with pain. As I slowly touched my forehead I felt something hard. Pulling my hand back a clear piece of glass had been stuck in my forehead. Not deep mind you, but pressed hard like I had slept on it. When I stood up I realized where it had came from. In the reflection in front of be was a broken and bloodied mirror, my own reflection reflecting back, just as bloodied. There were chunks of dried blood and glass stuck in my forehead after picking them out. I heard the handle of the door rattle. It was locked. But I didn’t know if should answer it yet or wait and try to make an escape after they walked away.

  • Dr_Dread

    We just recently adopted a one-eyed kitten from the humane society. The lights were off in the bathroom and I was brushing my teeth. I bent down to spit and looked up and saw this one eye in the darkness reflecting off the mirror. Sure enough it was our little kitten sitting on the sink with her paws on the mirror. Scared the hell out of me though and I threw my toothbrush in the air and sprinted out of the bathroom.

    Want to see Oculus so bad!

  • LogLady

    I was 7 years old and I had been a chronic sleepwalker since I was old enough to walk. My mother would usually leap out of bed when she heard me walk by and make sure I didn’t hurt myself.
    One night, though, she didn’t get up when I did and I walked right into the bathroom. I didn’t use the toilet or anything, I was just staring into the mirror. Later, I would have memories of walking into the bathroom but that was all until I woke up.
    My mother eventually got up to use the bathroom, and she found me standing there, still staring into the mirror. She gently touched my arm and asked if I was OK, trying not to wake me but just guide me back to bed like she always did.
    I woke up right away, and I was still staring into the mirror. However, it didn’t look like me; my lips were black, my eyes sunken bloodshot, and my skin was leathery and sagging in all the wrong places. The corners of my mouth were turned up into a grin and the few bits of teeth that I could see were dirty and the gums were black.
    I screamed ran past my mother and all the way back to bed. To this day I can’t look in the mirror in a dark bathroom or I think I still see that face.

  • trublood

    In all of the nightmares I have, there are specific recurring places and a couple of recurring people that I’ve never seen before in my life. Sometimes the people are just seen in passing as I’m running from a monster or murderer and sometimes they are the ones who are actually hunting me. One of the last dreams I had, a red haired middle aged man with a beard was chasing me with an axe. A few weeks back while I was riding the shuttle bus to class, I was sitting in one of the front seats and happened to glance in the large rear view mirror above. I saw a man with red hair and a beard looking out of a window further back on the bus. I was startled to see someone looking so similar to the one from my dreams and quickly brought my eyes back down to my phone in front of me. A minute later my curiosity got the best of me and I took another glance. This time he was staring right back at me in the mirror! It was the same man from my dream. My heart stopped. There’s an axe murderer on my bus! Shocked, I got off at the next stop and walked the rest of the way to my building. He never got off the bus but I walked to my building pinching myself making sure I wasn’t actually dreaming. I’m really hoping that what people say about your mind subconsciously populating your dreams with the faces of people you unknowingly see in public is true. If not….we’ve got a problem and I need to wake up!

  • alexgwaltz

    I use to have this occurring dream all the time. In my dreams, I would always bleed out whenever I looked into a mirror. I would literally bleed from every opening in my head (eyes, nose, ears, mouth). There were also dreams where I would look into the mirror and see myself with a slit throat or I would have some gruesome laceration. It was honestly like the mirror in my dreams was a way to view how I would die. One day, I got home from school and I looked into the mirror after using the restroom and what I saw almost made me faint. I looked up and all of the sudden, my nose started to bleed. I mean it was like gushing out of my nose. Once I got the bleeding to stop, I started to shave my face. Of course, I nicked my face and made a terrible cut on my neck that wouldn’t stop bleeding until the next hour went by. Moral of the story, I am still afraid of mirrors in a way. This movie is going to scare the sh*t out of me!

  • shocktart

    In the middle of the night I woke up to use the bathroom, as usual, and as I gazed upon myself in the mirror I literarally amount crapped my pants. At some point during the night I must have gotten a bloody nose because the house was so dry, but never woke up. What I was seeing in my half asleep stupor was my bloody face staring back at me. For a second I thought it was some kind of omen trying to warn me. I think I may watch too many movies.

  • BloatedZombie

    I was home alone, all the doors were locked and I was just getting out of the shower, and for some reason the mirror wasn’t fogged up, but as I looked towards the corner I saw someone pass by, stop for a second then run away. After that my laundry room door downstairs slammed shut, now I win’t look in the mirror after a shower…

  • Stitch_101

    I was ten years old at the time and it was early morning as I was getting ready for school. As the obnoxious little boy that I was, I was picking in my younger sister especially hard that morning. She finally snapped, grabbed my wooden baseball bat and smacked me over the head with it. It hurt like hell, and made me beyond angry, so I pushed her outta my room. I had giant mirror sliding closet doors in my room. I went up to the mirror and tries to look and see what damage she had done. As I was looking, I noticed blood starting to drip down my face. I ran a hand through my hair and realized it was completely soaked in blood. Thats when I blacked out.

    When I woke up, I was in the ER at the local hospital with my mom. They had to shave half my head and I ended up getting over 30 staples in my head due to the massive gash my sister had caused.

    When I got home from the hospital and made my way to my bedroom, what I saw looked like a crime scene. When I had blacked out, I fell into the mirror door. The mirror was completely smeared with blood, with a massive streak where I must have fallen against then slide down the mirror. The cherry on top was the perfect hand print in blood I had left on it as well.

  • xsilenthillx

    For the longest time I would always have this reoccurring nightmare where i found myself in a really run down abandoned building. I would wander around and would always end up stumbling on this door to what looked like a closet that for some reason always gave me a weird vibe and stuck out. And no matter how creeped out it got me i would always go to investigate. From a first glance it looked like any ordinary closet but upon further inspection it turned out it led into a tiny bathroom sink and mirror just around the corner. No toilet or bathtub, only a sink and a weird shaped mirror. When i got closer to it i realized that the mirror actually wasn’t there and it was just a hole where a mirror would be. Except it led into what looked like a mirror image of the room i was in, only completely different, the walls were riddled with rust and it looked like the walls were melting kind of like in Silent Hill and it had a weird color and tone to it. What i than realized was that there was no door or entrance to get into that room. It must have been hidden in the wall somehow, the only way to get into was to climb through the empty space where the mirror would have been. Me being completely stupid decide to find a way to climb through it and make my way into the “secret room”. I slowly made my way into the room and towards the back making my way around the tiny corner like i did originally entering the room but what i saw creeped me the F out. It was what looked like a person curled up in the fetal position facing the wall in that little nook and before i could turn myself around and run out of the room it turned around and was me but completely disfigured with the blackest eyes i have ever seen. I made “eye” contact with the figure but only saw the pure terror in my eyes in the reflection of the void where its eyes should be. And thats when i woke up in pure fright covered in sweat. Now whats even more terrifying about this story is that a few months later a couple friends and I decided to head to an abandoned insane asylum that we heard about on Weird NJ because we lived not to far from it. Mid way through our adventure I swear to god I stumbled upon the exact same room that i had seen in my reoccurring nightmare. As soon as i made my way around the corner and found myself staring into the exact same void of where that mirror would have been I have never felt more frightened in my entire life. I felt an unnerving sense of dread and even though in my mind i was telling myself to run for my life for some reason i couldn’t move. I was frozen with fear staring into that “mirror” and it was hands down one of the worst experiences of my life. When i finally regained the ability to move i ran and didn’t stop. I had ran out of that room, out of the building and all the way to my car which was at least a mile away. I locked myself in my car and stayed there until my friends had made their way back a couple hours later. I’ve never been more shook up in my whole entire life and i vowed to never set foot in that place , or even that town for that matter ever again.

    • xsilenthillx

      i forgot to add that when i finally came to and could run as soon as i turned around and took on step toward the door it had slammed shut. Now this door was thick, heavy and metal. The way it was positioned on the hinges it rubbed against the floor so you had to push with a great amount of force to open or close it so i knew right than and there that it wasn’t the wind that had closed it or any of my friends because at that time they were on the second floor of that building. I banged and kicked in total shock letting out a piercing scream. I was absolutely terrified. I was so scared that i started trying to kick the wall trying to get out any way possible. Luckily for me the it was a really old building and the drywall must have been really rotten and fallen apart, because i kicked a hole in the wall and shoved myself through fearing for my life. This is a true story and i will never, ever, EVER go anywhere in that town or near that insane asylum ever again for as long as i live.

  • oneshotocelot

    My horrible mirror story wasn’t scary (except for my mother) I was about 10 years old and I was running around the house, wrestling with my brothers as kids normally do. The hallway in our house was a T intersection, went straight down, then branched off right and left, directly at the end of the hall was a very large mirror. My parents had been painting the house recently and the mirror was not hanging, but on the floor leaning against the wall.

    As we’re running through the house (my mom constantly yelling for us to stop) my socks lost traction and I slid about 4 feet putting my hand directly through the mirror. I cut my hand all along the bottom, from the base of my pinky, to the base of my thumb. I calmly walked to my mom with my hand held to my heart, gushing blood and said “I think we need to go to the doctor”.

    She absolutely flipped, chewed me out about not listening and running in the house. I needed 32 stitches, on the bright side, the dinosaur that was on my shirt was drowning in blood, and the nurse made a joke about not being able to treat dinosaurs. That was fun.

  • Jawesome87

    Worst thing was when I was in film school, I was working on one of my projects there was a scene involving a mirror. It was nothing special as far as a scene, but it was just my lead character getting ready in the morning. It was when I went to watch the scene for editing I realized in every take you could see me operating the camera in the mirror…So in the end the scene was scrapped because of me.

    So I was the worst thing I’ve seen in a mirror.

  • Samhain2010

    I grew up in a family of ten with a single mother. Let’s just say we didn’t have the money to go the hospital unless it was a life or death emergency. My family would save money on band-aids by using tape and fast food napkins. I actually remember one time my mother chose to tie my hair together when my brother split my head open, accidentally, with a baseball bat. So, yeah, we didn’t go to the doctor. So when I was six years old I was awake late at night with a terrible ear infection. Generally I would just tough it out and hope for the best, but this time I was having none of that. In my six year old wisdom I decided the best way to stop the thumping was to plug up my ear. Genius! So I ventured into the bathroom and searched around for anything to relieve my pain. I tried packing it with toilet paper, but it would just fall out after a couple of minutes. So I reached for the one thing that young kids should not be jamming in their ears, Q-tips! I placed one Q-tip in my left ear and went back to the couch I was sleeping on. Remember please, I was six! So the room was pitch black and in my sick six year old mind I believed I had found the cure to all ear infections. So I plopped down on my left side! Well low and behold the Q-tip was in my left ear and it pushed as deep as it possibly could. I sat up and dug around trying to grab the end of the tip, but all I could feel was a tiny bit of cotton. Th whole thing was in my ear! I dug around for several minutes hoping to goodness that I could get it out. After several horrifying minutes I removed the whole Q-tip all in one motion. Suddenly my ear infection was gone! There was no throbbing. Success! About five seconds later I started to feel soothing wet run down my ear and neck. Again, the room was pitch black so I had no idea what the liquid was. I got out of bed and made the trek to the opposite side of the house and then to the bathroom. Once I got into the bathroom I grabbed some toilet paper a patted the side of my face and ear. The liquid continued to leak out like like a running faucet. Finally I reached into the corner to access the light switch. I was standing directly in front of the bathroom mirror as I was doing this. I flicked the light switch on and almost had a heart attack. The whole left side of my face was covered red. There was blood poring out of my ear! You can imagine the shock and horror of a six year old seeing their face covered in blood and their ear leaking it all over. I grabbed as much toilet paper as I could and sopped up all the blood. I was in the bathroom for over an hour before the bleeding eventually stopped. The ear bled off and on for several days, but my ear infection never returned. Oddly enough I basically have super hearing now in my left ear.

  • AaronDaMiller

    I have two stories.

    It was back in 2007. My mother and I just got back from the theater seeing 28 Weeks Later. Pretty gory film. Lots of blood everywhere. So we get back and I have to go to the bathroom. I open the bathroom door, and all over the sink and and mirror was blood. Blood Everywhere. Because I was in the zombie mindset, my first 16 year old reaction was to go grab a baseball bat. Turns out my brother just had a MASSIVE nose bleed.

    Second, I was at a convention. I go to the bathroom. It is quiet, so nobody else is in there except me. I am washing my hands in front of a mirror that reflects all the stalls. I lean down to wash my face and when I look back up, fucking PYRAMID HEAD (from Silent Hill) is standing right behind me exiting the stall. I half looked around for the walls to start decaying.

  • XrabbitX

    When I was a little kid I was obsessed with these two mirrors that were at the YMCA. The mirrors were facing each other so if I stood in front of one I could see multiple shrinking copies of myself in the mirror behind me. I was convinced each copy of my reflection was an actual me in another dimension. The closer I got to the edge of the mirror the more copies of me there until it looked like there were an infinite number of dimensions behind me. The edge of the mirror was thick and green and I always tried to shove my fingers into it so I could walk into the mirror…

  • EvanDickson

    OK GUYS THANKS!! Contest is closed!! Will be going over submissions and notifying the winner soon!!

    • xsilenthillx

      for some reason i can’t get to my messages at all on my profile so i don’t know how i would check to see if i was chosen or not or if i have gotten any messages

  • takeme2themovies

    A mirror knows your every angle,every scar,and every mark. Looking at yourself each and everyday from every angle is hard to enough to do

  • Its_over_man

    I won tickets to go see Black Sheep at the Tribeca film festival in 2007. It seems like since then ever contest has been for Americans only. I guess Canadians should find another site.

  • EvanDickson

    The US stuff is only contests with shipping costs.

  • sadiesaidhorror

    Me and my 14 year old Italian (miniature) Greyhound sitting side by side at the edge of my bed, eating potato chips and staring at each other in the wall length mirror across from us while doing it. Nope… not going to look to the side, just gonna stare right at you through the mirror, straight ahead like a creep and crunch on salty chips.

  • Tee_Zombie

    One lovely night I was sleeping, tossing and turning due to a pretty bad cold, and then I felt an awful pain in my nose. I went to get up and found myself stuck to one of my decorative pillows. I picked up the pillow and ran (attached) to the bathroom. Turning on the light a loose stitch in the pillow had wrapped its way around my nose piercing and pulled it half way out revealing a pool of blood and green snot. It was absolutely disgusting and painful and it ruined my pillow 🙁

  • Riadon

    Mirror, mirror on the wall I won’t win this contest at all as I have no story about mirrors.

  • aphroditeboy

    I was laying awake in bed, trying not to listen to the sounds of the next-door neighbor banging his girlfriend (or boyfriend?) against the wall. It was my old college dorm – our beds were apparently in the same place against opposite sides of the same wall. I banged on it a few times and they quieted down for a moment, but they just got louder after the pause. While I lay there trying to block out their phony porno-esque sex sounds, an eyelash got caught under my eyelid. I got up to wash it out. I didn’t bother turning the light on in the bathroom – I just flushed my eye out with water in the sink and ran my finger along the cornea below my iris. After I had finished I leaned in and squinted at my reflection in the mirror to inspect a spot where I suspected a zip was forming. There was a tickling on my cheek. I looked over to see a large spider crawling up my face. I screamed and swiped at my own face as I turned on the light. I searched the floor but couldn’t find where it had crawled afterwards. It took me a while to calm down enough to go to sleep.

  • xsilenthillx

    so who won?

  • d0cl00mis

    When I was six a group of my friends and I would sneak into a car repair shop behind my house on the weekend. we snuck into the bathroom inside the joint and looked dead into the mirror….”bloody mary, bloody mary, bloody mary….” Never again

  • jmcharries

    I was standing in the bathroom by myself. The light was very dim and flickering and so I had to get a chair and reach up and change the bulb. As I stepped down from the chair in the new, bright bulb I glanced in the mirror and got chills that went down my spine to my very core. In the bright light, in the middle of the day, there was a cluster of white hairs springing up on top of my head. I never thought it would happen so soon!!!!!

  • matt

    I once had a nightmare where i ripped out all my teeth out while standing in front of the mirror. I could not stop, I just stood there and watched myself ripped them all out, and i saw all my teeth and blood in the sink. Once i woke up i immediately felt my teeth to make sure they were all there.

  • jetsb1

    It isnt what I have seen in the mirror as much as what my I feel is seeing me or that I will see at any moment. My imagination is the scariest place of all and I see plenty of things pop up when the house is resting and I go for a late night stroll usually it involves me looking up and seeing some sort of alien behind me

  • Syreeta Dolliedagger

    I saw the reflection of myself , with shriveling layer’s of skin and a myriad of black eye’s and foam coming out of my
    mouth! Behind me was a horde of black shadow people chanting a dead sumerian dialect and reaching for me with shrouded pulsating finger’s. It was a very mysterious night.

  • Ravinus

    The worst thing that I saw in the mirror was a hole straight through my tongue after getting kicked in the jaw. I stuck my tongue out and the laceration opened right up, revealing dark red meat.

  • lion7718

    I said this before…but I saw my ex-wife once…

  • xsilenthillx

    what happened to all of the other comments. There were like 51 comments and it says so on the front page but now i only see three. Should i repost my comment from several days ago. It was a really long one and i can’t seem to find it anywhere. and when will we know who the winner is

    • Tom Owen

      All of the old comments are being imported slowly, there something like 8 years worth that are coming over so it’ll take a while.

      • xsilenthillx

        oh wow thats a lot. gotta say i love the new look of the site though. any idea when well know who won

  • Samhain2010

    Was the winner already announced?

  • Syreeta Dolliedagger

    Did you tell us yet who won?

  • xsilenthillx

    When are we going to know who won??

  • Brett Lucas

    Saw the crypt keeper in the mirror when I was a kid. Was seeing him everywhere. Under the bed, in the closet. Everywhere!

  • Samhain2010

    So……are we ever going to know who won this contest?

  • Ricky Daniels

    my scariest mirror moment was when i was four my dad dressed up as freddy kruger and when i looked into my moms mirror he was standing behind my i could not sleep for days

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