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[Interview] Rory Cochrane and Katee Sackhoff Talk the Horror of ‘Oculus’!

Relativity’s Oculus (review), directed by Mike Flanagan hits theaters on April 11th. The film has many, many people championing it and I’m quite confident it’ll hit the sweet spot for most of you guys.

I recently sat down with stars Rory Cochrane and Katee Sackhoff to talk about the most challenging moments during filming and what it was like being a part of a separate timeline from the other two protagonists. Neither Sackhoff or I were feeling particularly well on this day, something you can probably glean from the first exchange in this interview.

The story centers on a murder that left two children orphans with authorities charging the brother while his sister believed that the true culprit was a haunted antique mirror. Now completely rehabilitated and in his twenties, the brother is ready to move on but his sister is determined to prove that the haunted mirror was responsible for destroying their family.” Karen Gillan, Brenton Thwaites, Annalise Basso and Garrett Ryan also star.

Check it out below!



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