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New Aphex Twin Album to Be Released In A Rather Interesting Manner

Update: Here is the Kickstarter link. Also, it appears that the 500 person limit below is incorrect and there is no limit. However, only Kickstarter backers will receive a digital copy of the album.

Electronic artist Aphex Twin hasn’t released an actual studio album since 2001’s Drukqs but that hasn’t stopped fans from seeking out whatever new material there is. And that’s when some people found that there’s an interesting title available on Discogs. Supposedly, the new AT album Caustic Window is on there as the “5th RTM pressing” and it’s got a staggering price tag of $13,500 (not including shipping). For such an unattainable price, it seemed like no one would hear the new album.

But that’s not the case as the album WILL be released but in a abnormal fashion. Rephlex Records (which is owned by AT’s Richard D. James) has struck up a deal with the electronic music forum We Are The Music Makers to set up a Kickstarter that will allow 500 people the chance to receive a digital copy of the album. Once the Kickstarter threshold is met, a physical LP will be posted EBay. After that auction ends, the digital downloads will be released. Again, it’s a rather strange manner of doing things but it definitely sets itself apart from other releases.

Head below for the infamous “Come To Daddy” music video.




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