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Mutant Humans Battle Wolves In ‘Yellowstone Falls’

Deadline reports that QED acquired Yellowstone Falls, a peculiar spec script by Dan Kunka.

This script is unusual in that it was 52 pages, with few human characters and essentially no dialogue. “The action begins after an apocalyptic event that saps the humanity from most of the mutated humans that remain. At its core, it’s the story of a mother wolf, separated from her mate as the rest of the pack flees to safety, is forced to defend her cubs from the oncoming swarm.

More on this as it comes in.



  • Mister-Kravitz

    Dammit, Moon Moon, I’ve had enough of your shit.

  • flesheater24

    IDK I’m getting a warm bodies feel about this. This can even become a great film or a POS. Time will tell. At least its different.

  • j.c

    The Grey in reverse. That’s actually a novel ideal.

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