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Review: “The White Suits” #3

From the titular splash page of this issue one thing should be clear “The White Suits” is Toby Cypress’ book. He creates a crazy and rollicking adventure that defies comparison. While Frank J Barbiere’s script is pulp fueled tribute to gang warfare. Together they pull out all the stops to craft one insane action packed issue that fulfills all of your wildest and most violent dreams.


WRITTEN BY: Frank J Barbiere

ART BY: Toby Cypress

PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics

PRICE: $3.99

RELEASE: April 16, 2014

This issue has everything. Seriously the insane action and warped plot that have come to define the series are now firing on all cylinders. The series narrative comes to define itself clearly and gives clarity for Prizrak. Anderson is made to be a rebellious agent who seemingly holds allegiance to no one and some of the antagonistic force is finally vanquished.

Toby Cypress makes the whole ordeal feel like an acid induced fever dream drug through a dimly lit club with only one red light. That’s a very specific type of weird. It works really well here because Barbiere’s script embraces bombastic characters with wild battle styles. Literally every fighting style is at play amongst the insanity of the issue, but it all feels at home thanks to Cypress’ playful style.

The whole battle at the center of the issue strives to top itself and does so with relative ease. The conflict feels chaotic and wild and there are times where you’ll be uncertain of everyone’s safety, but once the dust settles on the page, Cypress shows that he isn’t afraid to linger in the death. He makes it clear that wonderful displays of gore are part of his wheelhouse and the book is better for it.

At its core the motivations of all the characters are a little hollow yet. We’re still not entirely sure what happened to Prizrak and Anderson isn’t exactly too forthcoming with her own agenda. There are still some things yet to be revealed that will come to define each of these characters but for me my questions are beginning to outweigh my wow factor in the action. Luckily, it’s not by much and the book still proves entirely engaging.

It helps that everything is paced with a sense of urgency. Barbiere ensures to balance his script with exposition and bloodshed by bouncing between two time periods to tell the story. It helps keep a certain forward momentum and guarantees the book doesn’t waste a moment on the page.

“The White Suits” is gearing toward its conclusion and it’s a little melancholic. One the one side we’ll finally have all the pieces of the puzzle and perhaps find out just who these mysterious hitmen are. On the other all of this crazy, insane, fun action will have to stop and we’ll go back into the world without a monthly Toby Cypress book. Let’s just hope that the finale keeps up the insanity while bringing the answers.






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