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5 Skull Review: “Curse” #4

Michael Moreci & Tim Daniel craft an ambitious conclusion for their story that mirrors it’s dark beginning. Their ultimate solution is seeded in a certain darkness that becomes warped with opportunistic idealism that plays with the expectations of the genre. Through a brilliant sleight of hand the real monster is revealed as “Curse” pulls off a masterful and beautiful conclusion.


WRITTEN BY: Michael Moreci & Tim Daniel

ART BY: Colin Lorimer & Riley Rossmo


PRICE: $3.99

RELEASE: April 16, 2014


If I were being perfectly honest I’d have to admit that the idea of another werewolf story had me roll my eyes four months ago. I was sure there was nothing new to be said, and nothing about the beast that could surprise me. Michael Moreci & Tim Daniel have successfully tweaked mythology, defied convention, and humanized the beast. Proving that I couldn’t have been more wrong.

At it’s core “Curse” was never about the werewolf. It was about Laney and his blind pursuit to get what he wanted. What first seemed like desperation evolves into a cold and calculated solution to a no win scenario. I was genuinely surprised by his resolution. It was the perfect damnation for the character. Horror thrives in destruction, and over the past four issues we’ve seen Laney taken apart and put back together again. It’s devastating and near repugnant to watch, but you can’t look away. The actions Laney commits here were long part of his character arc, as soon as he realizes it himself you understand that this was the only way the series could have ended. You should have seen it coming; it was all there from the beginning.

Much like the fantastic and delicate balancing act the artists have pulled off. The interplay between cold human cruelty and the visceral beast behind the curse is mesmerizing. Colin Lorimer is able to frame a scene in such a way that removes all warmth and comfort from the people involved. He makes the chilling atmosphere pop, and does his best to make Laney a menace as he towers over his trophy. As the issue hits its climax the incredible and primal work of Riley Rossmo takes over. He cuts a hole through the page and makes for a pulse pounding battle that will leave you bewildered. It’s perfectly paced and leaves you breathless going into the conclusion. 

The final pages manage to dovetail all of the plotlines with relative ease. The whole story converges on a certain point, and ends in a youthful voice that seems both optimistic and threatening. It’s a bold choice that will resonate with readers for some time to come. It really struck me, and confirmed my worst fears.

“Curse” is truly something special. As a supernatural horror story that focuses on the evil of man, rather than the beast it stands alone. It cuts into the core of what it means to be human and defies convention and expectation on every level. It’s thrilling, horrific, and oddly appealing. The beautiful balance of dark humanity with the supernatural creates a unique and captivating story that comes to define the werewolf mythos in a new way. I couldn’t be happier with the conclusion but I’m truly saddened to see it go.



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