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Dark Sky and SpectreVision Nab ‘LFO’

I haven’t seen LFO, but apparently it made enough of a splash at Fantastic Fest last year. MPI/Dark Sky and Elijah Wood’s SpectreVision have teamed up to get the Swedish sci-fi film to audiences. MPI will handle all U.S. distribution and international sales rights, which will be released under their Dark Sky banner. Meanwhile, SpectreVision has come onboard as a “presenter”, with Daniel Noah and Josh C. Waller onboard as exec producers along with wood.

The film written and directed by Antonio Tublen is “a darkly satiric look at our modern obsession with technology and the toll it can take on human interaction. Robert Nord (Patrik Karlson, Wallander), a loner whose sole passion in life is the analog sound equipment in his basement, stumbles upon a frequency that allows him to hypnotize people. Testing it on his attractive new neighbor and her unassuming husband (Izabella Jo Tschig, Per Löfberg), he soon realizes the power he now wields. As Robert indulges in the increasingly twisted possibilities of having complete control over others, it quickly becomes clear that he is losing control of himself




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