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And the Director Of ‘Sinister 2’ Is…

Ciaran Foy, who did a fantastic job on the 2012 film Citadel, has been tapped to direct Sinister 2 for Blumhouse. While Scott Derrickson is (obviously) not directing this installment, he did pen the script with his co-writer on the first film, C. Robert Cargill.

Plot details are being kept under wraps, as per the usual. But I’m excited. Derrickson’s film had some of the best uses of imagery I’ve seen in modern horror, and Foy is no slouch behind the camera himself. All in all, not a bad week for good directors (a la David Bruckner and Friday The 13th) tackling anticipated sequels*.

*Yes, I know the upcoming F13 film is most likely not a sequel. Sue me.



  • Keanu Reeves

    First flick was very good … spooked me fo sho.

  • djblack1313

    Evan i agree w/ you. i really liked CITADEL. i think this new movie is in good hands with Foy. .

  • This is damn great news! Ciarán Foy can only do an awesome job of this! I’m in!

  • Elsie B.

    SUPER excited for this one! The first one scared the living shit out of me.

  • eagleye

    Glad to hear the script is from the writers of the first film, which was surprisingly good. ‘Citadel’ was meh, but less the direction than the story… So, I’m game.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Sinister really got under my skin. It was the use of music that made it so haunting. I’m hoping they do a great job with the sequel. As for the director, I haven’t seen Citadel so I can’t give my opinion, but I’m very happy to see that the same people are writing this one.

    • djblack1313

      ThunderDragoon, i hope they get the same person who wrote the music for the 8 millimeter family home movies from the first film. that music was so freaking creepy/unsettling and it made those family films incredibly scary-ish.

      • ThunderDragoon

        I completely agree. That’s what made the movie for me. It was so creepy.

  • Korab Bllaca

    this movie for kids

  • crizero

    The first Sinister was very stupid and boring and I don’t think this will be more scary or horror or creepy, you know that kind of stuff that makes a movie to be call a HORROR MOVIE.

  • Anastacia Russell

    Damn guess I’m the only one who didn’t like Citadel. Sinister was decent

  • Weresmurf

    Cannot wait to see this!!! Years back I (and many others) used to talk to Massawyrm in the AICN IRC chatroom (its chatroom was a big community back then and christ, nearly 7 or 8 years back now UGH), his love for quality horror was absolute and it showed through in SINISTER. Absolutely loved it. Definitely came across as a labor of love. Cannot wait to see part 2, hope they’ve put as much effort into this as they did part 1!!!

  • HafBaf

    Interesting short fan film Sinister 2 😀

  • Christensen

    Sinister is a children’s movie.

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