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Hold Your Horses, ‘Contracted 2’ Still Incubating…

Just wanted to clarify something about the reported sequel to Contracted, entitled Contracted: Phase II. There’s a story being circulated today that is factually correct, but puts the cart a little bit before the horse.

While it’s true that an idea for the sequel is being considered, right now it’s a pitch that writer/director Eric England has turned into IFC and Boulderlight (producers of the original film). It’s true that the film is doing quite well and I’d be the first person in line to check out a sequel… but that might not be in the immediate future. It is a pitch that has been turned in. That’s it. There are a BILLION things that need to happen before things get moving.

Here’s England’s instagram photo of a potential title page. It was taken last month.



  • Ruben

    Messaged you guys right when he posted it and you guys never got to my email lol

    • EvanDickson

      Ah thank! I actually saw it when he posted it, but we knew it was just a pitch. The reason I wrote the article was that other websites were reporting incorrect information so I wanted to clarify.

  • pyrepunk

    I liked the first one, would be interested in seeing how they go with a sequel.

  • mjm800

    I liked the movie but I felt it relied too much on people being complete morons. SPOILERS AHEAD The Dr. was beyond incompetent, her boss letting her serve and prepare food when she was clearly very ill…and the guy that had sex with her. What is he not only blind but he cannot smell the stench of flesh festering with maggots?

    • djblack1313

      mjm800, i liked the movie too (i LOVED the twist ending!) but i agree w/ you. pretty much every character in the lead girl’s life (be it a doctor or family member, etc) were written to be morons.

    • diapers

      Agreed that pretty much all characters were moronic, but this kind or reminds me of real life. Remember that guy in Florida who took bath salts and ate that poor guys face for 15 minutes in public while the proletariat just walked by?

  • djblack1313

    i’m definitely up for a sequel. all throughout the movie i was hoping we’d learn about/see more of the necrophiliac guy (the one who started everything). i hope the sequel focuses on him. i assume he’s a typhoid Mary type carrier since he didn’t seem “sick” at all (physically, i mean. LOL).

  • Maxime C

    A sequel would simply be a zombie movie. They need to know that sequels are not something they MUST do.

  • zombie84_41

    fuck this movie seriously I was sooooo pissed so I wouldn’t mind to see another one just for the fact to see zombies but then again it’ll be a typical zombie movie.

  • Christensen

    Let’s be real the first one was a cheap zombie film with awful make-up effects cashing in on the recent exploitation of the gay community. Snooze fest.

  • Christensen

    Let’s be real the first one was a cheap zombie film with awful make-up effects cashing in on the recent exploitation of the gay community. Snooze fest.

    • Loop Control

      lol The makeup was remarkable! No cheesy CGI. You wouldn’t know a great film if it hit you square in the face. XD

      • Christensen

        Who mentioned CGI? And the make-up was HORRENDOUS. You wouldn’t know a shitty film if it hit you square in the face. XD

        • Loop Control

          The mention of CGI was merely stating an example that to many films rely on it. Second, how could you even attempt to compare it to any other Z-films. This one was completely original. So you can go sit back and enjoy your gay ass princess films or what ever you consider a good film. XD

          • Christensen

            “gay ass” lmao as if this isn’t a film about lesbians you stupid fucking retard

            i’m sorry you liked this shitty attempt at a horror film so much, maybe when you grow up you’ll get some taste

          • Loop Control

            It’s not about lesbians. Yes there were lesbians in it. Congrads on you noticing that about the film. The moral or should I say “message’ in the film was about the dangers of STD’s. Maybe when you grow up you will eventually gather some insight. Though on the other hand maybe you hate this film so much because you have herpes? Hmm There’s a thought. Yes that must be it! I must say I am enjoying your childish responses. Shall we continue? XD

          • Christensen

            Yes it’s about lesbians. Nearly all characters in the film are lesbians dipshit. Congrads on not knowing how to spell congrats you illiterate 12 year old wannabe film snob. The moral or should I say “message’ of this is that dumbass kids shouldn’t be allowed online without parental supervision.

  • ContractedWasAwesomeSuckIt

    Wait, so I am seriously the only one who loved this movie? You people are crazy, that movie was the most unique, interesting zombie movie to come along in years and they’d be crazy not to make a sequel.

    • Josh Johnson

      The main character was nothing but unlikable from the very beginning. Bella Swan had more interesting character relationships than her.

      • robert

        And that was the point, smartass.

        • Josh Johnson

          Just saying, the movie would have been scarier if you didn’t want to see her dead from the very beginning. Good concept wasted on terrible, unrelatable character decisions.

  • Loop Control

    I loved this film can’t wait for a sequel!

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