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[TV] “Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse” Becoming Animated Series

Ben Templesmith‘s comic (I’ve never heard of it but the stuff I’ve seen putting together this news piece looks pretty great) “Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse” is coming to TV courtesy of George Lopez’s Travieso Production Company. David M. Stern (“The Simpsons”) is writing the pilot and will produce alongside Templesmith.

No word on what network this will appear on, but we’ll keep you posted.

Meet Wormwood, the English-accented, beer-drinking, sentient-corpse-possessing maggot expat from the Hell dimension. Well, one of them. If he’s not attempting to save Earth from demonic, parasitic fungal infections or undead strippers, then he’s off drinking with his homemade mechanical sidekick, Mr. Pendulum.



  • J. Philip vanHeijkoop

    Awesome, I love that comic. I do hope they keep it in Templesmith’s style

  • SuperBakaKing

    Hopefully it’s on a network like FX where it gets a bit of breathing room like Archer does.

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