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[TV] Dennis O’Hare Plays Freak Collector on “American Horror Story: Freak Show”

I’m still reeling from “Coven,” which started strong only to dissipate into a sea of goofy noise, so I’m not sure what ever became of Dennis O’Hare’s creepy/touchy Spaulding character. I remember him having Emma Roberts in a box, maybe getting his tongue cut out? In any case, he really liked Jessica Lange.

So hopefully “American Horror Story: Freak Show” is more memorable than Season 3 (and more watchable all the way through – I’m telling you guys… outline). They’re nudging in the correct direction by establishing some conflict. O’Hare tells Vulture, “I’m going to be working at cross-purposes with her.

He also mentions that he’ll be in all ten episodes, unlike “Coven” (could have fooled me). Oh, and he’ll play “a collector of freaks.



  • Weresmurf

    Maaan the sites using Disqus now… damn it.

    Anyhow. Personally I liked Season 3 of AHS, I found it was the only season so far that felt coherent from beginning to end. The ‘goofiness’ I felt was present from the very start and so was the horror. The only part I was really let down by was the simplicity of Madame Lalauries death, that was just pissweak. But, as far as a freakshow owner goes? I have to say I’m glad he’s heading it up! With Chiklis cast and now he’s returning, this is awesome!

  • TCM66633

    I love seeing Denis on AHS. Hope Emma Roberts comes back. Hope they cast some more newbies like Michael Chiklis.

    • Travis

      Haha, pretty random actor to bring up.

      • TCM66633

        Not really cause he was cast in the new season.

  • Agree 100% with your criticism. If they would just OUTLINE a season it would be halfway decent. Asylum is by far my favorite season. Not sure why no one likes it that much….

    • Mr.Mirage

      I wish they would learn to write the final episode, total insanity, and work their way to it. (Which, I suppose, is the point of an OUTLINE, but then, I hated those things, myself.) Like you, Asylum is still my favorite. That awful, beautiful moment in which one character lies atop another, weeping, pulls a lever and slowly drifts to their exit.

  • djblack1313

    Evan i agree that Coven started out strong but ended up (in it’s last 4 eps) being so bad that it ruined everything that came before it (Misty Day deserved better). i’ve been a big fan/supporter of AHS but Coven damaged much of my excitement/fondness of the show. i still love the cast but my respect for Ryan Murphy and his shitty writing has severely dropped.

    Evan you said it perfectly……”I’m telling you guys… outline”.

    • Im totally with you there dj, misty day did deserve better. Is lily rabe even in this new series? She’s personally the best thing about the show, she is so cool. Asylum is the best so far, bring back the madness and weirdness of the first two seasons and learn from the mistakes you made with coven, read these comments and make a satisfying finale, oh and bring back Dylan mcdermott.

  • ThunderDragoon

    I agree that Coven didn’t know where to go the last couple of episodes, but it’s still my favorite season. The good outweighed the bad for me. And it wasn’t ever “bad” in my opinion, just a loss of direction.

  • Wait…Denis O’Hare aka Larry Harvey from Murder House was Spalding??!? I never knew that until now. Genuinely shocked.

    I agree with the consensus. Coven started out with so much promise, but fell apart towards the end. Hoping for a betting outing with Freak Show, but ti’s going to feel weird for me with Jessica Lange having her last run on AHS.

  • Jenny Jamber

    but he look nice there

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