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[TV] “The Walking Dead” Spinoff Unrelated to Comics

A chance to right the wrongs?

I’ve been a long time “The Walking Dead” fan. Before the series was even announced, I had been reading the comic for years, and loved it. Being that it’s so incredibly drawn out, the announcement that AMC would bring it to series was cause for celebration. Only, everything something went wrong. I understand that a lot of you guys love the show, and I respect that, but I really wish there was a way to make it better (or even better for those of you who tune in weekly).

Unfortunately, after four seasons, I think the nail is in the proverbial coffin for the adaptation of the Robert Kirkman comic series. Even the print version of the show has become long in the tooth, and feels like it’s being stretched for the coin, instead of doing what’s right for the story.

This brings me to AMC’s announced “The Walking Dead” spinoff, which Kirkman already revealed that follow “another group of characters, surviving in another part of the world.” It’s a chance at a clean slate, as Kirkman also revealed that it would not “use any of the core cast from” the current show.

Adding more fuel to the fire, discovered a bit more info out of the the letter column section of “The Walking Dead” #125. When asked if indeed the comic would start following a new group of survivors in Issue #127, Kirkman did not shoot the idea down. Instead, Kirkman replied, “No comment. Read 127.

However, as far speculation that AMC’s “The Walking Dead” spin-off TV series might follow either past or upcoming storylines in the comic book series, it appears that will not be the case. Kirkman wrote, “For the TV spinoff, I’m coming up with that stuff. It’s unrelated to the comics. What’s happening in issue 127 is in no way connected to the spin-off TV show.

So, with this new spinoff, it’s clear that AMC and Kirkman will be starting from scratch, which is just what the doctor ordered. I, for one, am extremely excited!



  • Polsdofer

    I stopped reading after “A chance to right the wrongs?”. You’re a Fucktard Mr.Disgusting.

    • Adam Clifton

      I agree. What ‘wrongs’? The show is one of the best tv shows currently airing

      • Tigernan Quinn

        If you don’t see the wrongs, both of you are the kind of idiots who just want to see major characters die each week and sit their asses on the farm for entire seasons.

        • Polsdofer

          Hahaha I’m not going to get all worked up over your comments Tigernan, It’s OK though, in case your new around here let me fill you in. I don’t like Mr. Disgusting and i feel like im not the only one. It didn’t just start at this article, this has been going on for the past year and half and for that past year i let it go, just shrugged it off. You talk about it’s OK for him to express his opinion, maybe if this was his blog or a podcast i would agree but not on this website, I came here to read on unbiased and factual articles on horror not to hear some one cry about something at every chance they get, which in turn has rubbed me and other people the wrong way. As far as the show goes I love it but that dosent mean their aren’t problems i just don’t worry about them because i cant do anything about them. You assume that i want to see major characters die but you couldn’t be more wrong. You can assume all you want about me but 10 out of 10 times your going to be wrong.

        • Adam Clifton

          you called ‘Polsdofer’ a poorly adjusted person because he called someone a fucktard because he had a different opinion. Yet you called me an idiot because of MY different opinion. Don’t judge me

    • Tigernan Quinn

      What kind of poorly adjusted person calls someone a fucktard because they have a different opinion – one in which they are expected to express it – you know, on their web page, in their column. You need to fucking grow up, weirdo.

    • Schillette Austin

      ok children…let’s relax it’s just an article you all have valid points and I agree with all of you and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.

  • djblack1313

    i enjoy the show and season 4 was very good but i’m sick of the Southern/Georgia setting. i’ll (of course!) continue to watch the show but i’m VERY much more excited for this spin off show. i hope it takes place in a Northern part of the country (maybe Seattle?) and that we get to deal with winter/snow settings.

    • DamienJohn

      I hope it takes place outside of America all together, although that’s a long shot.

  • Jake W.

    TWD is my favorite show on television. I’m excited to be getting a second helping of it.

  • wehoaks

    It would be cool of this damn site could post news just once without the damn opinion of whoever is “reporting” the news. Hell they just cut and paste other sites news now.

  • ohitsmerenz

    I hope it’s in Japan or somewhere that doesn’t look like ‘Murica

    • ThunderDragoon

      I wish it would be in Japan. That would be awesome.

      • Weresmurf


      • Weresmurf


  • WhoreWhisperer

    So tired of you bitching about this show.

  • antonio joseph

    It’s allways a great story. And you can not kill everyone off with one show, if we did that you would not love the some of the people on the show. Fact the people who write it and ideas for the show are super smart. They keep you following and following the show. If I even had a slight chance to become and actor on the show for even a half season I would jump on it bc millions of people l
    ove the show. So if they start filming some other part of the would you would still fall in love .Thank you walking dead.

  • Double-D

    I am looking forward to seeing this spin off. I do get a little frustrated with the show sometimes, but I really do enjoy it. Certain episodes seem to lack when viewed, but when looked at as a whole, it makes sense. I am also a big fan of the comic and am very curious as to what direction its going.

  • Saren Nevac

    A spin off would work well as it will lose a lot of the baggage that comes with using the comics as a template. Especially when they change characters or situations. So a whole bunch of new characters would be well received.

  • Geralt_Z_Rivii

    Basically what AMC is doing is saying “Hey let’s see what we can get away with this season. We want to cut as many corners as possible.”. And for the hardcore fans that shit doesn’t cut it. There is a direct correlation why Darabont left and why everything looks cheaper and cheaper each season. Seriously bad cgi the last 2 seasons especially. So AMC gives us less, the “fans” tune in and in record numbers so now they know they can get away with that. So next season, cut more corners.

    • djblack1313

      Geralt, no. the CGI (i’d rather them use practical fx 100%) looks infinitely better now than it did in the first season. also i’m not sure what show you are watching but the show looks just as good/polished now as it has since season 2 (i admit season 1 had a more cinematic look/feel about it).

  • Cichy

    I dont know why you’re excited. Kirkman is a mediocre writer that fell onto a pile of gold. Let’s be honest the comic book went down to shit after the prison arc aside of couple issues with the hunters. At this point there are way more bad issues than good ones. I watch the show but let’s not be kidding it’s fun sometimes but overall it’s pretty awful. There is no any kind of creative integrity. It reminds me of how True Blood used to be decent first couple seasons and than HBO just decided to keep most popular characters indefinitely because the female audience wanted hot shirtless dudes. TWD now is just most popular characters wandering around the woods for 8/16 episodes each season.

  • john rambo23

    the spinoff should be set in raccoon city

  • Schillette Austin

    I really hope the spin off comes on when “TWD” goes off for the next season so I don’t have to wait a whole fucking 7 months to watch it again…this is sum bull shit.. fucking October..smdh

    • Kenneth Tanner

      That will be perfect I love that aspect, and it make sense to do that. Because us Walking Dead fans will lose our damn minds throughout 7 months. Do it AMC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      You’ll have another hit !!!!!!

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