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[TV] “The Walking Dead” Spinoff Unrelated to Comics

A chance to right the wrongs?

I’ve been a long time “The Walking Dead” fan. Before the series was even announced, I had been reading the comic for years, and loved it. Being that it’s so incredibly drawn out, the announcement that AMC would bring it to series was cause for celebration. Only, everything something went wrong. I understand that a lot of you guys love the show, and I respect that, but I really wish there was a way to make it better (or even better for those of you who tune in weekly).

Unfortunately, after four seasons, I think the nail is in the proverbial coffin for the adaptation of the Robert Kirkman comic series. Even the print version of the show has become long in the tooth, and feels like it’s being stretched for the coin, instead of doing what’s right for the story.

This brings me to AMC’s announced “The Walking Dead” spinoff, which Kirkman already revealed that follow “another group of characters, surviving in another part of the world.” It’s a chance at a clean slate, as Kirkman also revealed that it would not “use any of the core cast from” the current show.

Adding more fuel to the fire, discovered a bit more info out of the the letter column section of “The Walking Dead” #125. When asked if indeed the comic would start following a new group of survivors in Issue #127, Kirkman did not shoot the idea down. Instead, Kirkman replied, “No comment. Read 127.

However, as far speculation that AMC’s “The Walking Dead” spin-off TV series might follow either past or upcoming storylines in the comic book series, it appears that will not be the case. Kirkman wrote, “For the TV spinoff, I’m coming up with that stuff. It’s unrelated to the comics. What’s happening in issue 127 is in no way connected to the spin-off TV show.

So, with this new spinoff, it’s clear that AMC and Kirkman will be starting from scratch, which is just what the doctor ordered. I, for one, am extremely excited!




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