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A New “Oddly Normal” All-Ages Comic For Witches

Image Comics will debut a new all-ages comic series about a half-witch and her very unusual family this Fall from Otis Frampton. A misfit witch and her bizarre family definitely sounds like something anyone can relate to.

There’s always talk in the comics community about how the general public does not respect the medium, and passes it off as “kid’s stuff”. This is true, but it does not change the fact that comics are a fantastic storytelling medium for children, and I’m glad to see Image including a book like “Oddly Normal” in their lineup. Also, witches.

From the press release:

Meet Oddly Normal, a ten-year-old girl with pointed ears and green hair—a half-witch who will be the first to tell you that having a mother who hails from a magical land called Fignation and a father native to the mortal realm doesn’t make it easy to make friends at school, to say the least! On her birthday, she blows out her cake’s candles and makes an impulsive and disastrous wish. Now, Oddly must travel into the magical world of Fignation to uncover the mystery of her parents’ disappearance. Join Oddly as she navigates a strange new school, monstrous bullies, and Evil itself on an unforgettable fantasy adventure through the vibrant world of Fignation in ODDLY NORMAL.

“I’m absolutely thrilled that Oddly Normal will be published by Image Comics,” said Frampton. “It’s a twenty-year dream-come-true to have a creator-owned book at the company that made me want to make comics professionally. When I sent out submissions for this book, Image was my ‘never gonna happen, but I gotta take the shot’ company. I couldn’t be happier with how that long-shot pitch turned out!”

ODDLY NORMAL is an all-ages fantasy adventure in the tradition of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland coming to Image Comics in the Fall.

Frampton will attend C2E2 this weekend and will be at Artist Alley table G15, Friday-Sunday, all day.



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