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Lovecraftian Horror ‘Asylum’ Sure is Looking Good

Senscape’s H.P. Lovecraft inspired horror adventure game Asylum has been largely quiet for some time now. That silence can be at least partially attributed to Serena, a collaborative project that included a number if indie devs, including Senscape. I’ve been jonesing for another look at Asylum, because it looks fantastic. Today, we got that — sort of.

The dev recently posted two short gameplay videos from the upcoming game that show off a particularly foreboding sunset and a bit of inclement weather. Check them out below.

For more Aslum, check it out on Steam Greenlight.



  • LoveAnimation

    I was starting to think this game was cancelled.
    Asylum seems like it could be a great game and i love horror stuff in insane asylums so im sure gonna buy it when it becomes available.

    • Adam Dodd

      Me too. I’ve seen too many horror games get cancelled over the years, it’s made me paranoid.

      • LoveAnimation

        Yea i can remember many great looking horror games that never got released.
        Used to think Asylum was gonna be one of them.

  • Interesting. I will be monitoring this closely

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