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The ‘Poltergeist’ Remake is 3-D

The ghosts of Tobe Hooper and Steven Spielberg’s supernatural horror will haunt in 3-D.

In a video interview with Beyond The Trailer, The Quiet Ones star Jared Harris reveals that the forthcoming Poltergeist remake/sequel will be released in 3-D. No word on if it’s actually shot in 3-D or post-converted, although we suspect the latter.

In the Gil Keenan-directed reboot, Harris will play Carrigan, a larger than life TV personality who left the world of academia behind to become the star host of basic cable TV show “Haunted House Cleaners.”

Sam Rockwell, Rosemarie DeWitt, Saxon Sharbino and Jane Adams also star for the 20th Century Fox/MGM release set for February 13, 2015.

Legendary filmmaker Sam Raimi (producer) reimagines and contemporizes the classic tale about a family whose suburban home is invaded by angry spirits. When the terrifying apparitions escalate their attacks and take the youngest daughter, the family must come together to rescue her.

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  • thought it was updated to the “son”? When I read months earlier that tropes such as the tree and clown would be included, I lost faith. The tree and clown are unnecessary ephemera. Make it different. So much in POLTEGEIST can’t be topped, from Williams’ and Nelson’s chemistry to Goldmith’s brilliant orchestral score. Make it different.

  • Evan3

    Fuck this entire project. I usually try not to curse on these boards, but this deserves this. I can’t imagine the dirt they had on Sam Rockwell to drag him into this. I too am sure this will be post-converted 3-D, since post-conversion is just as unnecessary and crappy as this remake is bound to be.

  • Walder Frey

    3D is good, especially if they make many monsters from the original one – trees from the window, giant head, the ghost-monster from this picture in the article.

    And who will play a little girl???

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