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This Game is Terrifying and Impossible to Win

If you’ve ever gone out on the open water without a life jacket — who hasn’t? — then this game is for you. Sortie en Mer is essentially an ad for the French nautical outfitter Guy Cotten, but boy, is it effective. It’s short, free, and may very well keep you out of the water for some time. That’s right, this is the Jaws of video games, only with way less sharks. If you’d like to see how long you can last, you can play it here.

But before you do, I suggest you check out this trailer.




  • Sick_skwerl

    Wait, someone who WANTS you to go into the water made this!? That’s like “Deliverance” brought to you by the Arkansas Tourism Board.

    • First off, awesome comparison. Secondly, they want you to go in the water, but not before you buy one of their life jackets. 😉

  • Tim Nuttall

    *buys 1000 lifejackets just in case I’m ever near the sea*

    Also Charles is a total dick.

  • ministry86

    I almost drowned once until I was able to drain the bathtub.

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