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“Void” Sounds A Lot Like “Dead Space”



Titan Comics will be publishing a bunch of new material this Spring. One of their most intriguing books is “Void”, a sci-fi horror series from Sean Phillips and Herik Hanna. The story follows the sole survivor of a space massacre, and he is left alone in a ship full of dead bodies and no way out. It sounds a lot like “Dead Space”, but there does not appear to be a mystery element as you can tell from the synopsis below. Either way, take a look at the art. Phillips continues blow me away.

Writer: Herik Hanna
Artist: Sean Phillips
$9.99 US, $11.99 CAN, £8.99 UK
On Sale: September 02

Superstar artist Sean Phillips (Fatale, Criminal, Sleeper, Incognito, Marvel Zombies and Hellblazer) illustrates this gripping science-fiction thriller for fans of Alien!

The crew and inmates of Goliath 01 have been massacred by the twisted Coloner Mercer. Now this prison ship in space drifts, powerless and empty – but for the dead.

John, sole survivor of the massacre, must find a way to escape this floating, oppressive tomb –without falling prey to Mercer’s murderous attentions…!


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