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Titan Comics Puts Out New “Elric” Adaptations!

I’m not sure exactly what happened with the rights to the character, but I quite liked the “Elric” books that BOOM! Studios was putting out. Now it seems Titan Comics will be doing their own adaptation of the classic novels by Michael Moorcock, kicking off with “Elric: The Ruby Throne” from Julien Blondel, Didier Poli, and Robin Recht.

Writer:Julien Blondel
Artists: Didier Poli, Robin Recht
On Sale: September 16

A stunning new comic adaptation of the classic Elric of Melniboné novels by Michael Moorcock!

The ancient island of Melniboné has been ruled by Elric, the albino emperor, for millennia. Reliant on magic and herbs for his strength and prolonged life, Elric’s grip on Melniboné is crumbling, as his people slide into decadence. Now his envious cousin Yyrkoon, Prince of Melniboné, plots to overthrow him and claim the Ruby Throne for himself!

Lavishly illustrated, this new comic adaptation has been produced with the full and enthusiastic endorsement of Moorcock himself, who has written an original introduction for this edition.



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