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[TV] Syfy Chronicles the “Town of the Living Dead”

Syfy is throwing as much zombie shit at the wall as they possibly can in hopes of one sticking. This, at least, sounds promising.

Next up, Syfy is making tracks for Jasper, Alabama — aka “Town of the Living Dead” — for the purpose of a comedic docuseries chronicling the small town’s years-long endeavor to make an indie zombie movie, TVLine has learned.

Sounding like a modern spin on Chris Smith’s 1999 American Movie, for six years (and counting), the residents of Jasper have labored to complete Thr33 Days Dead, which is based on a local urban legend and centers on a group of friends trying to survive a zombie apocalypse in rural Alabama.

Premiering Tuesday, October 7, “Town of the Living Dead” will follow the intrepid (and motley) crew of amateur filmmakers as they struggle against every obstacle imaginable to lock a final cut of their film, with hopes that it someday will become a bona fide movie.



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  • Chamber

    SYFY is just wasting money at this point, and I don’t understand how a network can stay afloat for much longer with shitty made for TV movies and Face/Off as their only drawing point. They really need to hire real, talented writers and creators and stop wasting money on these hacks that make their “films”. They are ruining the genre, and only make the network look bad in the process. It is better to have one quality film that costs a lot to make than have several bad films made cheaply. But I guess common sense is absent with their execs.

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