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‘Daylight’ Made a Ghost Hunter Out of Me

After a small delay, Daylight is finally here. If you’ve been wading in this sea of zombie games, patiently waiting for a game about ghosts, then Zombie Studios has you covered. Having brought us the two Saw games, this developer is already very familiar with our favorite genre. Let’s see how their latest attempt to scare the pants off us worked out.

If you would like to play Daylight yourself, you can grab it for $14.99 on Steam.

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  • Sick_skwerl

    How can I be YOUR hero, when you’re MY hero? It’s like a snake eating it’s tail.
    This game was creepy, but a little boring. Can the ghosts even hurt you?

    • Adam Dodd

      You and I are Ouroboros! Or maybe we’re Heroception?!

      They can hurt you. If you noticed the black, maze-like pattern on my screen when I was looking at the ghost, that’s Sarah’s health. For some reason, they decided to use a health regen system, so you’re back to 100% a few seconds after an encounter with a ghost. Odd decision for a horror game.

      • Sick_skwerl

        Ohhh I was wondering what the maze pattern was, I just thought it was more of a “bad shit is around” meter.
        And I like Heroception. (It’s like breadception- if you remember our bread sandwich discussion)

  • eupfhoria

    This looks pretty fun. I got it for free and was going to play it myself but for some reason it won’t download on Steam.

    • Adam Dodd

      How did you get it for free?

      • eupfhoria

        I work at a computer shop and they were giving activation keys away for free with graphics cards. Customer didn’t want theirs so they gave it to me. 🙂

        • Adam Dodd

          Nice deal! Daylight is definitely worth it if you can get it for free.

      • eupfhoria

        It looks like I got it working, it’s getting much further in the download. Had to flush my Steam config. Looking forward to playing this tomorrow!

  • spaulding187

    Game got poor reviews, but still bought it on ps4.. Love your commentary playing games….

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