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‘NYC Sucks Volume 4’ Gives You Some Awesome Free Tunes

MetalSucks has released it’s 4th volume in the NYC Sucks compilation. This time the releases features 13-tracks from some of New York City’s best metal acts, including A Pale Horse Named Death, Dead Empires, Fin’Amor, and more. The full compilation can be streamed below and downloaded right here.

1. Extinction A.D. – “Mummified”
2. Torrential Downpour – “TKV”
3. Artificial Brain – “Absorbing Black Ignition”
4. Dead Empires – “Five Day Death”
5. Family – “Precedent”
6. Old Wounds – “It Can’t Rain All the Time”
7. Pigs – “If I’m In Luck”
8. White Widows Pact – “Collateral Damage”
9. Alekhine’s Gun – “Crown of Knives (Tsoncha Korlo)”
10. Flaming Tusk – “Thousand Year Plan”
11. Mutilation Rites – “Fogwarning”
12. Fin’Amor – “Bleed the Oceans”
13. A Pale Horse Named Death – “Shallow Grave”



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