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Have a Look at That Cancelled Vampire MMO ‘World of Darkness’

Earlier this month, developer CCP Games confirmed that their long in-development vampire MMO World of Darkness had been cancelled. It’s always disappointing to see a promising game get canned, and it’s especially bad when that game has been simmering for some time. If you’d like a quick look at what could’ve been, a batch of screens were recently released from the game.

They’re really dark — fitting, given the name of the game — but the gothic style looks really neat. If there was ever an Underworld game, I imagine it would look something like this.



  • Connor David Cooke

    Dammit! Always the good ones that get canned, they should have tried kick starter!

    Mean while Call of duty 10000, retextured edition will be delivered right on schedule.

    • Adam Dodd

      Haven’t you heard? Call of Duty: 2014 Edition will have realistic nose hairs in EVERY SOLDIER. I have three copies pre-ordered, just in case.

      • ThunderDragoon


    • Gale ✩

      A lot of fans suggested this and CCP outright shot them down and refused to do it. CCP didn’t shut this game down due to issues with the game itself. They just want to pay more attention to the dying cash cow that is the EVE universe.

  • Jake

    “Press E to seduce” man if only life was that easy


    My heart hurts just looking at this…
    It could of been sooo beautiful…
    What i would give for them to release this game :'(

  • Boo

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