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Adam Dougherty is Awesome At Sculpting

imgur user 8bitdan is doing his humble friend a solid and helping push out the much-needed exposure in this crazy industry. The fact of the matter is that Adam Dougherty is awesome at sculpting. Like, he’s a superstar.

Apparently, everything he does is hand sculpted, painted, dressed, hair-punched, and all that in the garage of his apartment.

He goes out and finds unique hats and bow-ties for every one of these he builds.

Check out this insane image gallery that features a 7-foot-tall “Shock Monster”, a full-sized “Witch Hazel” from Looney Toons(!) and much more.

You can follow Mr. Dougherty on Facebook. He is now a freelance sculptor and works for such companies as Moebius Models, Amalgamated Dynamics Inc. and Walt Disney Imagineering.



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