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Fangtasia Vampire Ball Returns to New Orleans with The 69 Cats

New Orleans’s Fangtasia vampire ball returns for its fourth year on May 17that One Eyed Jacks, featuring a performance by Jyrki 69’s (THE 69 EYES) rockabilly supergroup, THE 69 CATS. Alongside Danny B. Harvey (THE HEADCATS), Chopper Franklin (THE CRAMPS), and Todd T. Burr (TUFF), the four cats will take the stage at Fangtasia IV alongside a bevy of DJs and burlesque dancers—all in celebration of New Orleans’s infamous vampire culture.

Once again, Fangtasia is organized by comic author and lead producer Kurt Amacker (Cradle of Filth: The Curse of Venus Aversa), who says, “I’ve always loved rockabilly, and I’m thrilled that Jyrki 69 is finally going to perform at our event. This event is a crossover of everything I hold dear—New Orleans, vampires, and rock n’ roll.”

Jyrki 69 readily agrees, stating: “It must be something in the tap water that brings me back year after year! If you only party once this year, make sure it’s with us—deep down in New Orleans at the Fangtasia vampire ball!”

The event will be hosted by the notorious tour guide Lord Chaz, who will preside over an evening of not only live music, but burlesque dancers, vendors, and DJs. Joining THE 69 CATS will be local alt-Elvis rockers, CLOCKWORK ELVIS, and a cast of DJs from the top Gothic and industrial club nights in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, including DJs Sneauxball, Lucifer, and LostTwistedSoul. Amacker continues, “This is really a crossover event, and I think after three years of pretty straightforward Gothic and vampire music, we’re branching out just enough to keep it interesting. And hey—we’ve got dancers!” Indeed, the bands will be joined by the lovely Chatty the Mime, Remy Dee, Sadie D’Amour, and Lena Turnover, in a special opening burlesque set.

VIP attendees will be offered an exciting opportunity before doors open. A limited number of ticket holders can join Jyrki 69 and Danny B. Harvey upstairs for an intimate acoustic performance. Afterwards, Gold VIP members will have a custom set of vampire fangs made by Fangtasia’s master fangsmith, Maven.

Kurt Amacker reiterated, “Fangtasia is in its fourth year. Working with Jyrki 69 and all of our local partners has just been an amazing experience. And, I can promise everyone that this is just the beginning.”

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