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‘Cult County’ Dev Discussing Their Options Following Failed Kickstarter



The crowdfunding campaign for the survival horror game Cult County ended today drastically short of its $580,000 goal. As promising as the game looks, I can’t say I’m too surprised.

Even the horror genre’s biggest crowdfunding success stories have fallen well short of Cult County’s goal, including Dead State ($332k) and Among the Sleep ($248k). I don’t think I’ve seen a horror game raise even $350k,- and that includes Shadow of the Eternals — if you don’t count their dual campaign strategy – which had significant attention (not to mention controversy) surrounding it.

I do hope Renegade Kid continues work on the game, because it has definite potential. If a recent tweet from Jools Watsham, studio co-founder and Cult County lead, is any indication, it sounds like they’re considering reworking the campaign for another go.

I’d suggest returning to Kickstarter with a playable build of the game and distributing that to YouTubers and the press. It worked for Stasis, Grave, and DreadOut, among others. A trailer or guided walkthrough will never be as effective in selling potential donors on your game as their being able to play it themselves or watch someone they respect or are familiar with play it.

Just my two cents.


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