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Is There Really a “New Spin” On the Zombie Film?

Deadline reports Friday evening that Sony’s Screen Gems has set Stefan Ruzowitzky to direct Patient Zero, a Mike Le-scripted thriller that they claim “puts a new spin on the zombie film.

The zombie genre has been done to death, but it’s kind of cool that Screen Gems is shying away from teen drama horror and attempting to do something a bit more…us?

In the film, “an unprecedented global pandemic has resulted in the evolution of a new species. An aggressive form of rabies turns the infected into predators, addicted to violence. An inexplicably gifted human survivor with the ability to speak their new language spearheads a hunt for Patient Zero in order to find a cure to save his infected wife and humanity.

It doesn’t sound like a new spin, at all (even the 2007 The Signal is similar), but alas!

Production will begin in the summer, most probably in Germany.




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