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Do Some ‘Witching & Bitching’ This June



IFC Midnight has announced a June 13 VOD release for Alex de la Iglesia’s horror comedy Witching & Bitching, the closing night film at last September’s Toronto Fest’s Midnight Madness.

Variety had said that Witching & Bitching marks a return to the zany, satiric genre-grafting style of early De la Iglesia’s movies, yoking black comedy, a relish for local detail, fantasy genre and this time round vfx rarely seem in Spain.

The pic co-stars teen heart-throbs Mario Casas and Hugo Silva as two ne’er-do-wells who pull a Madrid heist, then flee towards France, only to fall into the maws of local witches at Navarre’s Zugarramurdi, its millennium-old coven center of occult activities.


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