E.L.P. Has An Amazing 'Brain Salad Surgery' Giger Picture Disc That I Completely Missed - Bloody Disgusting!

E.L.P. Has An Amazing ‘Brain Salad Surgery’ Giger Picture Disc That I Completely Missed

Legends Emerson, Lake, And Palmer released one of the greatest prog rock albums over 40 years ago in the form of Brain Salad Surgery. For horror fans there was an additional bonus to the album in the form of the cover art, which was done by none other than H.R. Giger, the man behind the Xenomorph (the Alien series) and Sil (Species).

Something that completely slipped past me was last year was the ELP vinyl picture disc box set (which I probably didn’t know about because I wasn’t into vinyl at that point), which included five different ELP albums, including Brain Salad Surgery. But for people like myself, who missed out the first time, I can grab the picture disc and enjoy not only the music but the beautiful artwork as well!

Head over here to snag your copy. Head below to see the picture disc and hear Brain Salad Surgery.


  • Canucklehead

    Oh that takes me back. My first rock show 1977 or 78 was ELP at the CNE stadium. Love that record, including the cover. Too bad nothing to play vynl on anymore or I would have considered it.

    • JonathanBarkan

      Record players can be pretty inexpensive these days. If you decide to go after it, it wouldn’t be that hard!