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[TV] “Salem” Already Picked Up For Season Season

WGN America’s witches have cast a spell on viewers!

Following a strong launch, WGN America‘s “Salem,”, their first original scripted drama, has been picked up for a second season only three episodes into its freshman run, Deadline reports.

The 13-episode second season of “Salem,” from creators Brannon Braga and Adam Simon and Fox 21, will begin production later this year for a 2015 debut.

Starring Janet Montgomery, Shane West, Seth Gabel, Xander Berkeley, Ashley Madekwe, Tamzin Merchant, Elise Eberle and Iddo Goldberg, “Salem” re-imagines the infamous 17th century witch trials in the Massachusetts town.

At WGN America, we are committed to delivering compelling, brand-defining programming rich with fascinating characters, and ‘Salem’ has done just that,” said WGN America President Matt Cherniss.



  • This was expected, but I’m actually pretty excited! Despite all of the historical inaccuracies (of which there are MANY), it’s a really fun, messed up show!

    • Weresmurf

      Yeah but we dont watch it for accuracy lol. My friends wife complained about ‘witchcraft not being realistic’ on it……let that one sink in a moment lmao

      • Oh that wasn’t a criticism (although your friend’s wife’s complaint is ridicuous). But I just laugh at some of the dialogue. It’s so modern it’s hilarious.

        • Weresmurf

          lol yep it is. On both counts. But I’m ok with that. I like a bit of trash tv now and then. Salem is definitely trashy but in the right ways. When she complained about it, she used Wicca as her example. She got PISSED when I mentioned Wicca was less than 100 years old, founded as a belief in England in the early 1900s. Really pissed her off..

  • Weresmurf

    “[TV] “Salem” Already Picked Up For Season Season”


  • I’ve tried to give this show a chance and I want to like it, but I’m not really digging it. Watched all the episodes so far and I’d much rather watch “The Crucible”.

    I just find this show having way too much dialogue. It seems to be over the top while being boring at the same time. Just doesn’t really suck me in and I’m a sucker for anything about the Salem Witch Trials. I’ll keep watching it, hopefully it will surprise me.

  • ThunderDragoon

    I’ll give this show a shot some time this year. Just don’t have time for any more shows right now.

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