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[Preview] “American Wasteland” Begins In “Archer & Armstrong” #20

Valiant has released an advance preview of ARCHER & ARMSTRONG #20, the first issue of the “AMERICAN WASTELAND” – an all-new story arc from New York Times best-selling writer Fred Van Lente and rising star Pere Perez! Start reading here this Wednesday as Archer & Armstrong take on a cabal far more deadly than any ancient curse – the secret cult of American celebrity!

His whole life, Obadiah Archer has been lied to about his true heritage – but when he and his immortal pal Armstrong arrive in L.A. to meet his real parents, they find them in the clutches of the Church of Retrology! What insidious plans does The Lizard King, the head of the favored religion of the Left Coast’s rich and famous, have in store for Valiant’s premier conspiracy busters? And what lurks inside The Lizard King’s mysterious hotel hideaway? Archer & Armstrong are about to take a trip into the darkest reaches of Hollywood history, and they can check-out any time any they like…but they can never leave!

On May 7th, the mojo rises for “AMERICAN WASTELAND” – beginning in ARCHER & ARMSTRONG #20!



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