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[TV] “Rosemary’s Baby” Cursed By the Catacombs?



I was turned off by the first clip from NBC’s “Rosemary’s Baby”, their forthcoming four-hour miniseries adaptation of the 1967 best-selling suspense novel by Ira Levin.

Thankfully, the network has shared another handful of looks at the modern day take that are actually quite interesting, especially the one that takes Rosemary deep into the infamous catacombs. Is there a connection? Find out when NBC’s “Rosemary’s Baby” miniseries kicks off on Sunday, May 11 (9-11 p.m. ET) and concludes on Thursday, May 15.

‘Rosemary’s Baby’ centers on Rosemary Woodhouse (Zoe Saldana), a young wife and would-be mother who, with her husband Guy (Patrick J. Adams), moves into a Paris apartment that has a dark past. After finally getting pregnant, she becomes increasingly suspicious that both her husband and their mysterious neighbors have ulterior motives about the future of her child.


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