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Leigh Whannell Directing ‘Insidious: Chapter 3’!!

Leigh Whannell is not only writing Insidious: Chapter 3, he’s directing it as well! Not a huge surprise, but fantastic news nonetheless! I’m very glad this franchise will remain under the full stewardship of the original creative team. FilmDistrict and Sony Pictures have targeted the film for April 3, 2015

Whannel co-created Saw with James Wan, penned both Insidious films, and also starred in both as “Specs”.

The third film will be bringing back Lin Shaye’s character as well as both ghost hunters Specs and Tucker.



  • MMctz

    Just… make it stop. They both need to get into rom-coms or something and leave horror alone.

    • Mark Deaton

      What? Granted, I haven’t seen the second Insidious yet, but the first had a solid hour of prime goosebumps before the other-world goofiness settled in. Also, the original Saw was marvelously plotted and Dead Silence is very underrated. The Conjuring, despite (again) a lackluster end, inspired numerous moments of genuine terror.

      James Wan is one of the most polished and delightfully restrained horror directors in the world right now, up there with Hideo Nakata, Eli Roth and Kim Jee-woon; he has more than proven himself as a director capable of generating classics. What exactly is the problem?

  • Saren Nevac

    Do we really need another? The first two were just ok and forgettable, what more can they do with a third movie? Personally i would prefer a ghost movie with the two comedy ghost hunters – i liked those characters..

  • Matt

    I want Conjuring spin offs, and another Insidious isn’t “enough”. It is a start, but I am expecting big swings and balls out the park. Dude should be writing not directing. Directing is cool and all, but he could be writing like 10 movies, and then we can find guys to direct them. Not trying to degrade the work, but we need more from these guys.

  • ThunderDragoon

    That’s awesome news. I’ve always loved Leigh and James.

  • Casey

    This ‘franchise’ really shouldn’t be a franchise at all. The original had the perfect ending, at least perfect for an actual horror fan.

  • Chrissie-Watkins

    I sincerely hope that this sequel goes back to the style of the FIRST half of the first film, that was really scary stuff. “The Further”? More like the afterlife in Beetlejuice, so lame. In fact, I never saw the second one because I had heard it was more about the further, and the scariest scene the previews had to offer was some guy that looked like Ace Ventura in pancake makeup peering through a window.

  • Hopefully, it’s better than Chapter 2.

    The first Insidious film was a lot better than I expected, but Chapter 2 was kind of shit. Too much unintentional hilarity (the naked and wrinkly old man saying “He’s got your baby! He’s got your baby!” & the pasty faced lady screaming and pointing, Cringeworthy stuff, man), and The Further IS NOT scary. Looks like some lame walk through (or ride) haunted house you would see as a special horror or Halloween attraction at a theme park or carnival.

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