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TWC Adapting ‘The Haunting of Sunshine Girl’



The Weinstein Company has closed a muliplatform deal to adapt popular web series The Haunting of Sunshine Girl into both a YA book and film franchise, says THR.

The web series, which has gotten more than 60 million views since 2010, “follows a quirky teen named Sunshine who, shortly after her 16th birthday, moves with her mother from Texas to Washington State. She soon discovers that her new home is haunted. The show features hand-held footage as the teen films ghost interactions, creepy paranormal activity and even a couple appearances by zombies.

The web series, based on a concept by Nick Hagen and starring Paige McKenzie, averages 5 million views per month, and has more than 100,000 subscribers on YouTube.

McKenzie, the star and writer of the web series, will star in the film adaptation.


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