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‘Woolfe’ Returns Red Riding Hood to Her Darker Roots

Fairy tales are terrible things. If you’re familiar with their origins, most of the stories that many of us grew up on are dark and maybe even mildly traumatizing. In Woolfe – The Red Hood Diaries, we get to see everyone’s favorite red hooded heroine take on hordes of bad guys, possibly even a wolf or two, in a “non-sugarcoated steampunk fairy tale” with a quirky, Tim Burton-esque art style that inspires aesthetic comparisons to American McGee’s take on Alice in Wonderland.

Woolfe is a sidescroller with a bit of platforming, drama and dark twists. Its developer is using Charles Perrault’s original — and significantly darker — story as inspiration, rather than the somewhat less twisted Grimm version, which I am all for. Get familiar with it below.

For more of Woolfe – The Red Hood Diaries, follow it on Steam Greenlight.




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