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“Penny Dreadful’s” Victorian London Recreated In NY and L.A.

Beginning May 5th through May 18th, Showtime is recreating Victorian London through innovative window displays in New York (21st St & Broadway) and Los Angeles (7024 Hollywood Blvd, Roosevelt Hotel). Utilizing groundbreaking LIDAR laser technology, windows will be covered with “live vinyl” (LED panels backlighting printed vinyl) to produce an immersive environment that reflects the world of the new Showtime original series “Penny Dreadful”.

This half-world is inhabited by characters from the series brought to life by depth-measuring lasers precise enough to capture 50 pedestrians at a time. Characters from the Victorian London period along with elements from “Penny Dreadful” (wolves, bats, spiders, etc.) used in the scene were created using individualized artificial intelligence allowing uniquely haunting consumer interactions throughout the two week promotion that will run 24 hours a day. For those brave enough to look, kinetoscopes surrounding the windows will invite consumers to peer through lenses to witness the characters and terrors in the world of “Penny Dreadful”.

New episodes of “Penny Dreadful” air Sundays at 10pm ET/PT on Showtime.





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