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VR Horror ‘The Deep’ Could Be the ‘Jaws’ of Video Games

The ocean has always been a scary place, and that’s because it’s huge and much of it is still largely unknown to us. You would think those two things would inspire more developers to take their horror games to the deep blue, but for some reason, it’s only recently seen the attention it deserves. Between Narcosis, SOMA, Stranded Deep, and a handful of others, the ocean is quickly becoming a prime spot for horror games.

Joining the pack is The Deep, a horror game designed with Sony’s Project Morpheus VR headset in mind. After seeing it in action, I’m getting strong Jaws vibes. That film kept a lot of people out of the water, and it looks like this may have a similar effect. The only thing that could make this any scarier is if the sharks were replaced with clowns. Ocean clowns.




  • Ocean clowns! Now I would pay to play that! Seriously though, it would be great if the game allows freedom of movement. Seeing something approaching in the dark deep that turns out to be a massive jaw would paralyze me from fear. I am afraid of what it is in the water anyways and prefer shallow beaches!

  • MaryMaria

    I’m really interested in this and the Oculus Rift in general. It’s such an awesome technology which is inspiring tons of really creative ideas. Something about this game that I really appreciate, though, is that (at least in the clip shown) the user is stuck in place. Well, maybe ‘appreciate’ is the wrong word, but let me explain. Right now, I feel like the Oculus on its own is more immersive (believable?) if the character can’t walk around. As a player, you’re most likely going to be standing up or sitting down to play these, but not walking around (although there was that sweet Skyrim tech demo of a guy doing just that, but that’s a special case of peeking into the future). Your footsteps in real life currently do not cause your avatar to walk in the game, only your head movement controls the camera. I feel that, again, with the current state of tech, that Oculus games which keep the player ‘still’, so to speak, are most effective because that is the current state of the player. It’s a little limiting, but I like seeing all of the different ways that developers are approaching this.

    There was another game featured on Bloody Disgusting, ‘Alone’ ( which used a similar approach in that the avatar was seated on a couch playing a video game, just like the player. Super meta, but also a realistic/believable position for the player, again, who cannot control the avatar with their footsteps.

    Another example is an indie game called Sandman ( which places the player in a boat which moves through rivers, but the player/avatar is always seated. This is another interesting take on the static-player element.

    I know you can play lots of other games on the Oculus Rift where you can move the character around using the game controller and that they can be awesome and fun (like TF2, but hell, I’d love to play BioShock using the OR!) but as awesome as it is, I feel a bit disappointed that, hey, my head movements can control the camera, but now I’m walking in the game but I’m not walking in real life? There’s a physical disconnect which I feel won’t be solved until there’s further tech where we can walk and control our avatar’s footsteps (like in the Skyrim video).

    I think it’s awesome you can play all kinds of games on the OR, but I feel like the most successful ones in relation to the current state of tech, are the ones which accept that the player can only control the camera. Even the rollercoaster demo uses this very successfully. The player is seated throughout, but still goes on a thrillride. Although that being said, I realize that you won’t have the same physical feeling of being on a coaster, like sharp corner turns or quick drops.

    …Wow, sorry to blab on, this is clearly something I’m really interested in. You know what else I’m interested in? Sharks. I’ll definitely follow this game and think that it’s a very clever approach to the Oculus Rift.

  • Greasy

    fuck no. i had moments of fairly intense fear a few times just playing grand theft auto: san andreas and mistaking the tail of the plane i had just crashed into the sea for a massive fin. i would literally soil myself, or have a full blown panic attack if i tried to play this.

  • Yakushiji Tenzen

    clowns have never been scary, and will NEVER BE scary. ever. Great White sharks are a lot more terrifying. This game looks great.

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