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VR Horror ‘The Deep’ Could Be the ‘Jaws’ of Video Games

The ocean has always been a scary place, and that’s because it’s huge and much of it is still largely unknown to us. You would think those two things would inspire more developers to take their horror games to the deep blue, but for some reason, it’s only recently seen the attention it deserves. Between Narcosis, SOMA, Stranded Deep, and a handful of others, the ocean is quickly becoming a prime spot for horror games.

Joining the pack is The Deep, a horror game designed with Sony’s Project Morpheus VR headset in mind. After seeing it in action, I’m getting strong Jaws vibes. That film kept a lot of people out of the water, and it looks like this may have a similar effect. The only thing that could make this any scarier is if the sharks were replaced with clowns. Ocean clowns.





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