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Who’s Your Favorite Horror Mother?

It’s Mother’s Day and we here at Bloody-Disgusting have always felt that we need to show our mothers the proper love and respect that they deserve. After all, the genre that brings us all together has shown on several occasions that a mother scorned can be one of the most horrific forces of nature to ever walk the Earth.

So I put together a few of my personal favorite mother figures in horror for you to check out below but I want to make sure that you give your favorites as well! Head on down and let’s hear your voices!

Friday The 13th – Pamela Voorhees

Probably one of the most famous mothers in horror, Pamela Voorhees is probably the one that has the most love and care for her child. After all, even after thinking he’s been dead for several years she still comes after anyone whom she feels is responsible for his “death”.

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  • M.a.r.y.

    Rachel Keller (Naomi Watts) from the Ring (2002)

  • Christensen

    Rose Da Silva (Radha Mitchell), Silent Hill.

  • BlazinGun5024

    Norma Bates is my favorite, I really love that woman.

  • Margaret White from Carrie.

    Piper Laurie’s performance is still the best in my eyes, and the movie itself was mediocre, but I enjoyed Julianne Moore’s performance also. I barley remember anything from Patrica Clarkson’s Carrie in that TV movie.

    • Frank Petersen

      How could you say that? Though im a fan of julianne moore, her performance as carries mom was TERRIBLE!!!! She brought no depth to the character. At least when piper laurie played her, you saw that mrs. White loved and hated her daughter. Julianne moore looked as though she hated her daughter throughout the whole film. So you must have been high when you saw the awful remake!!!!!

  • Darkness69

    The Queen, of course!

  • wehoaks

    Mrs. Loomis Scream 2 all the way!

    • Krug09

      Great choice. I would probably say her!

  • juan


  • MinaDoll7

    Ellen Ripley from Aliens, Laura from The Orphanage, Diane from The Poltergeist, Rachel from The Ring

  • Matt

    What about the Mother from that psycho family that came out a couple years ago, it was like a home invasion movie?

    Or how about the 3 Mothers Trilogy, the Mother of Tears.

    I think the worst Mom is Yoko, it is her fault Toshio and his cat are stuck in that haunted house.

    • Christensen

      Her name is Kayako not Yoko, and it is in no way her fault, it her husband’s fault, both versions so idk how you assumed it’s her fault since her husband killed her.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Pamela Voorhees is definitely my favorite. She’s just awesome.

  • Chamber

    The mother in “Mother’s Day (2010)”. That bitch was downright evil!

  • diapers

    The weird ass Mom from Sleepaway Camp, of course!

  • c-s-a78

    for the tv series I think Christine Estabrook from an American horror story 1 would be a good cast!she looks and sounds like mrs Voorhees!!!

  • Primeus

    The mom from the original Carrie.

  • Lana Del Gay

    Judy from The Crazies!

  • Radioactive Empire

    Ellen Ripley, Kayako (the Grudge) and Margaret White is some of my favorite mother, but the most brutal horror mother of all has to be The Woman from Inside (2007) – even thought her child is dead before even born. Look at the damage she done in the name of motherly love, she is the ‘Mother’ of all horror mothers.

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