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Who’s Your Favorite Horror Mother?

It’s Mother’s Day and we here at Bloody-Disgusting have always felt that we need to show our mothers the proper love and respect that they deserve. After all, the genre that brings us all together has shown on several occasions that a mother scorned can be one of the most horrific forces of nature to ever walk the Earth.

So I put together a few of my personal favorite mother figures in horror for you to check out below but I want to make sure that you give your favorites as well! Head on down and let’s hear your voices!

Friday The 13th – Pamela Voorhees

Probably one of the most famous mothers in horror, Pamela Voorhees is probably the one that has the most love and care for her child. After all, even after thinking he’s been dead for several years she still comes after anyone whom she feels is responsible for his “death”.

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