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Lars von Trier Heads to ‘Detroit’ For “Real” Horror Film!!

I’m a huge fan of Lars von Trier, the self-proclaimed greatest director of all time. From his “The Kingdom” miniseries to Antichrist and the equally haunting Melancholia, von Trier has always delivered captivating and beautiful cinema that’s both heavy and stunning. And even with the aforementioned titles, he’s never truly done a horror film – everything deeply psychological. But that’s going to change as one of the best directors of our time is heading to Detroit for some real horror.

Indiewire translates this interview with Kristian Levring, who will premiere his out of competition Western The Salvation at the Cannes Film Festival. In it, the previous von Trier collaborator reveals that he’s working on a straight-up horror feature with the Danish director tentatively titled Detroit.

I’ve always thought that Lars would be able to do a fantastic horror movie,” Levring told Lise Ulrich at Danish magazine Soundvenue. “And I’ve told him so many times throughout the years, and in the end he said: ‘I want you to stop talking about it, so I’ll write it for you instead.’

According to Levring, the film is set in Detroit and has the working title of Detroit. However, that title could be a keeper: Said Levring, “It takes place in Detroit, and then there is the wordplay between Detroit and ‘destroyed.’

Levring said that von Trier began writing the film about a month ago. “It’s about a man fighting his inner demons,” he said. “That doesn’t tell that much, but that’s because we haven’t gotten any further so far.

However, he added that “it’s real horror. Of course, there is a psychological aspect, but it’s a real horror movie. That’s what we’re aiming for, at least.

I would do just about anything to see Lars von Trier take on the horror genre. I expect a bloodbath.




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