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Toddler Horror ‘Among the Sleep’ Headed to PS4

Back in March, developer Krillbite announced their plans to bring their crowdfunded indie horror game Among the Sleep to PS4 and Xbox One. Now, at least one of those platforms is official, as they’ve confirmed the game will be bringing its unique flavor of terror to Sony’s console when it’s ready.

Among the Sleep is one of my most anticipated games of 2014, because it’s coming from a dev that isn’t afraid to try something new. A horror game you play from the perspective of a two year-old child is a fantastic idea, and it helps that the execution is top notch. This game is gorgeous, plays great, and it has no shortage of clever ideas when it comes to traversing its brilliantly realized world.

It also made our list of 5 indie horror games you should be excited about — you can check that out below.





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