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Kaiju Madness; Every ‘Godzilla’ Monster Ever!

What have you been missing for 60 years?

A super awesome imgur user has looked back at every Godzilla film since Gojira hit Japanese cinemas back in 1954 in order to compile a comprehensive list of every single Kaiju ever created!

Check out the incredible gallery below and hover over the blue link to read all about each monster.



  • boaaa82 .

    Those were pretty cool pics to check out thx

  • Jim

    My mom picked up a copy of Godzilla vs. Megalon on vhs when I was a kid. I was obssessed with that movie.

    • WhoreWhisperer

      I was obsessed with NOT watching it.

      • Jim

        Clever girl.

        • WhoreWhisperer

          When I picked the name Whore Whisperer, I really thought people would get it. Like The Horse Whisperer, except in my case I have a special connection to whores. It’s probably time for a new name.

          • Jim

            Haha nah I understood you name. I was quoting Jurassic park

          • WhoreWhisperer

            Raptors eat the shorts and hat guy scene. I should have known.

  • Kory Rye

    forgot Battra

    • Vince

      I know, I know. But I just added him in! Sorry for the three month wait!

  • J Jett

    King Kong (this version) & The Pillsbury Doughboy creature are cringe-inducing, embarrassingly bad. LOL.

    many of these creatures are actually pretty cool looking. i like the spider the most.

  • McGilli

    I recently watched Final Wars again – and Monster X is truly the coolest of them all.

    The thing is – as great as all the monsters were – they were a bit cartoon like – and would fit right into a Pacific Rim movie more than they would the new incarnation of Godzilla 2014, which is too bad.

    MY GODZILLA 2014 SEQUAL IDEA: In it the North Koreans make Monster X, or something similar, and really NK was always just talking about their ‘nuclear power’ as a euphemism for the monster they created and finally release on the world (and have brainwashed to attack USA) but they don’t expect Godzilla to come to the rescue…

    Haha silly I know….

  • Werewolf

    Oh cool. Thanks Mr.D.

    Japan should get to work tying the Fukushima radiation to a mass of new kaiju births. (Not to make light of their terrible situation) Their battles with radiation were what gave birth to Godzilla in the first place.

    P.S. Gigan needs his own damn movies.

  • Sarigar

    Godzilla 2000 was not the only Japanese-made Godzilla movie shown in the western world. Godzilla vs. Megalon was shown in American theaters in the mid-late 70’s, and made a good amount of money (especially for being one of the weakest Godzilla movies).

  • Walder Frey

    Where is Battra (Bathra?)? Best Godzilla’s enemy ever (imho)! Where is baby-Godzilla from 1993 (not Minilla)? Also there a 3 different versions of Mecha-Godzilla =) And some small monsters as Meganula, Crab-Destroyer, Shockirus, Dorats, Ookondoru maybe some more)

    In one Godzilla film there was footage from Sanda / Gaira movie. So they also could be included)

    • Vince

      I just added in Battra! About 3 months later…aha!

  • Vince

    I really didn’t know my post would get so popular! But here it is! Wow! I’m so honoured to have this recognized by Godzilla fans all across the internet! Thanks so much, guys, it means a lot!

    -KhanadianDaleks (OP)

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