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Cannes Sales Art For ‘Summer Camp’

Hitfix nabbed the below Cannes sales art for Alberto Marini’s English-language Summer Camp, being executive produced by [REC] franchise director Jaume Balaguero.

Check out our exclusive set visit here.

Fin‘s Andres Velencoso stars alongside X-Men: First Class‘ Alex Gonzalez, The House of the Devil‘s Jocelin Donahue, [REC]3‘s Diego Boneta and Zombieland‘s Maiara Walsh.

They’ll star as “unsuspecting American camp counselors who confront a virus unlike any seen before.

Summer Camp will immerse the viewer on an adrenaline-charged journey by providing an innovative approach to the classical concept of teenagers lost in the woods.




  • Wow, if your up for an intense thriller check out this page:

    • Jaysin Horror

      You misspelled the title of a movie….and you used the same misspelling in your response.

  • Jake W.

    I’m really interested in this one. I love summer camp horror films.

  • redlefthand

    Yawn… I am so so so sick of viruses. Is a stylish killer with a motive too much to ask for nowadays.

    • Second time I’ve seen you post about a stylish killer with a motive and I agree. We need a new one for sure. We’ve gotten plenty of ghosts, demons and such in recent years. Slashers (particularly costumed ones) need to come back.

  • Bluegrasslass

    Anything from Balaguero is worth checking out as far as I’m concerned.

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