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Figure Releases Teaser Clip Of Upcoming “Friday The 13th” Track

EDM artist Figure has released a near 2-minute clip of his upcoming track “Friday The 13th”, which will be released on Friday, June 13th as a free download. The song will appear on Figure’s upcoming Monsters Vol. 5, which comes out this October.



  • Meh. Why does everything have to be electronica now days? Just sounds like noise.

  • boaaa82 .

    sounds like shit

  • X

    Sounds good 🙂 Everything sounds ‘like noise’ if you don’t learn to listen to it. I don’t like heavy metal music personally.

  • Nick Greeley

    When does the music part begin?

  • J Jett

    what is the point of this? it’s ok as a fan made type of fun dealio i guess. it just makes me miss Harry Manfredini’s amazing score even more than i did (in the reboot).

  • Nelson Torres

    Very catchy tune!

  • Krug09

    What does that song have to do with Jason? Its like an electronic techno song.

  • Love this! Can’t wait for Monsters 5!

  • CrossfaceKiller

    Sounds like a fax machine went bonkers

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