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Korn Guitarist Was Almost In A “…Very Similar Situation As Tim Lambesis”

In a stark, honest column for Loudwire, Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch has opened up on how he almost went down the exact same path as As I Lay Dying vocalist Tim Lambesis, who was recently sentenced to six years in prison for solicitation of murder against his estranged wife.

In the column, Welch states:

One of our road crew that was in the hotel room with me that night had been involved in gangs in the past and at one point was very high up in the chain of command. Eyes bulging out of my sockets, high as a kite, I asked him, “What would it take to have my wife and her new boyfriend hurt really bad… or worse?”

He continues to explain how he convinced immediately that this was a path he did not want to embark upon, how he visited Lambesis during his house arrest, and the advice he gave him. You can read the full column at the above link.



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