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Taissa Farmiga Meets Ti West ‘In a Valley of Violence’!

While word is In a Valley of Violence isn’t technically a horror movie, it’s still written and directed by Ti West (The Innkeepers, House Of The Devil, The Sacrament, V/H/S) so we figured it qualifies as being “of interest.” Plus it’s a revenge western and those are always badass when done right.

Now comes the news that Taissa Farmiga (“American Horror Story”) has joined Ethan Hawke and John Travolta in the cast of the film being produced by Jason Blum and West collaborators Jacob Jaffke and Peter Phok.

Per Deadline the story, “follows Paul (Hawke), a drifter with nothing to lose who seeks revenge on the thugs who killed his best friend. Farmiga will play a young woman who runs the town’s hotel with her older sister and helps Paul in his quest for vengeance.




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