Of Course 'Left 4 Dead: Survivors' Features a Japanese Schoolgirl - Bloody Disgusting!

Of Course ‘Left 4 Dead: Survivors’ Features a Japanese Schoolgirl

In case you haven’t heard, Taito is bringing Left 4 Dead to Japan with an arcade game called Left 4 Dead: Survivors. It’s largely the same game that we’ve been enjoying for years now, except for the quirky cast, which has been replaced with a new team of survivors that will be more appealing/relatable to Japanese audiences.

Among them is the obligatory Japanese schoolgirl, because why not?


From left to right, we have Kudo Yusuke, an American student studying abroad; Haruka Hirose, a Japanese student studying art; Blake Jordan, a Navy officer-turned-hotel lounge worker; and Kirishima Sara, a tour guide.

I keep from judging the new cast, but what I’m already very sure of is the fact that Japanese gamers will definitely miss out on Francis’ persistent nagativity toward everything.



    Because it’s feasible that a girl would want to be wearing a short skirt with thousands of zombies running around trying to claw and bite her to death… And I thought Left 4 Dead was respectful of women in video games. Though I have to say, her skirt could have been far shorter, so at least they kept it somewhat believable.