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Of Course ‘Left 4 Dead: Survivors’ Features a Japanese Schoolgirl

In case you haven’t heard, Taito is bringing Left 4 Dead to Japan with an arcade game called Left 4 Dead: Survivors. It’s largely the same game that we’ve been enjoying for years now, except for the quirky cast, which has been replaced with a new team of survivors that will be more appealing/relatable to Japanese audiences.

Among them is the obligatory Japanese schoolgirl, because why not?


From left to right, we have Kudo Yusuke, an American student studying abroad; Haruka Hirose, a Japanese student studying art; Blake Jordan, a Navy officer-turned-hotel lounge worker; and Kirishima Sara, a tour guide.

I keep from judging the new cast, but what I’m already very sure of is the fact that Japanese gamers will definitely miss out on Francis’ persistent nagativity toward everything.




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