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Is ‘Jurassic World’ the ‘Jason Lives’ of the Franchise?

We’ve been hearing some pretty crazy rumors about Jurassic World. Trained dinos, good vs. bad dinos, dino cuttlefish. And I’m happy about it. It sounds like it has the spirit of that John Sayles draft for Jurassic Park 4 that was floating around a few years ago.

Earlier today we got a look at what’s ostensibly the layout of the park itself from the JPLegacy boards. Since the park in the film is fully functional and contains real-live tourists it got me thinking….

…is Jurassic World the Jason Lives of the franchise? They both feature massive redesigns of their antagonists’ biology. In F13 6 Jason became a zombie. Here, the dinosaurs are spliced together. Not only that, we could be looking at a repeat of something else Jason Lives embraced, which is finally adding some campers.

You could look at the first three Jurassic Park films as being somewhat analogous with the first three or four Friday The 13th films (I’m leaving A New Beginning out of this – though I’d love a JP movie where the dinos turned out to be fake all along) in the sense that we go to the “camp” but there are never any campers. It’s always the counselors. Whether or not the place is about to open or lays in ruins, it’s just that core group of 5 or 6 people (a few more if you count the first film’s tech staff). Both Camp Crystal Lake and Jurassic Park were designed to have dozens/hundreds of paying customers inhabiting them when they finally opened for business.

Jason Lives was the first F13 to embrace the idea of throwing all of those people in harm’s way, and it looks like Jurassic World might do the same. Will JW also embrace the offbeat tone of JL?

We’ll find out when Colin Trevorrow’s version of this thing comes out on June 12, 2015. But it sounds like it might.





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