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‘PacZilla’ Trailer Mixes ‘Godzilla’ and ‘Pacific Rim’!

It’s impossible to not think of Pacific Rim when you’re watching Godzilla. Not that they’re inherently similar, but because Pac Rim was the last giant monster movie to hit theaters.

But man, wouldn’t it be so crazy awesome if those two worlds ever collided?

Thanks to a Kaiju-loving YouTuber, we can imagine a world in which Godzilla and Pacific Rim are blended into one. Behold, PacZilla!

Let’s not forget, both franchises come via Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures, which adds to the fun of this optical illusion.



  • Koreginald

    Nice! I’m gonna use this weekend to finally see Godzilla.

    • ThunderDragoon

      Same here! I hope I like it more than everyone else lol.

  • M M

    Now that I would watch! At least it would have more action than godzilla did.

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