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[TV] Talk About the Bloody “Hannibal” Finale Right Here!


How did us horror fans get so lucky?

The second NBC’s “Hannibal” finale came to an end I had to sit in silence for a few minutes just to digest it all. Not only was it one of the bloodiest hours of television I can ever remember, but it was such beautiful camerawork and storytelling. If NBC had canceled the series after two seasons, I would have no hesitations in calling “Hannibal” a masterpiece, and one of the best dramas to ever grace the small screen.

Knowing that the season finale of “Hannibal” was shot before NBC renewed it for a third season was an instant spoiler in itself, but still didn’t take away from the weight of the final moments. It just pre-determined that the season season would end in a cliffhanger, at least depending how you look at it.

When we last see Will (Hugh Dancy) laying on the floor, one of two things could happen. If the series were to be canceled, the audience could assume that Will had died, and Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen) is free to continue his murderous rampage elsewhere. But, with a third season being ordered, it’s safe to say that Will will survive (let’s not forget there’s a shot where Dr. Bloom (Caroline Dhavernas) calls the police reporting shots fired), and thus it can be assumed that Season 3 will be an international manhunt for Hannibal.

No matter the case, I just hope prolonging the series doesn’t impact the great overall arc that’s been constructed. There’s nothing worse than when a show is extended just for the sake of extending it. Hopefully, the team behind “Hannibal” have always envisioned how this third and what will probably be the final season would end. There is nothing I look forward to more than “Hannibal’s” return to NBC.

How did you guys feel about the ending? Was it everything you hoped and dreamed for?



  • Bhammer100

    Two words: Fricking amazing!

    • Adam Dodd

      Its cast was dropping like flies, I felt like I was watching Game of Thrones.

  • GingerXpress321

    Not usually one for cliffhangers but this series is too awesome to die!

  • MySassyAssy

    It was an amazing finale. I loved the dinner scene between Will and Hannibal that set up the final moments.

    Also, FYI, creator (Bryan Fuller) had stated in an interview that he planned for seven seasons that covers all of the movies (past Hannibal).

    • ndgogrl21

      Fuller also mentioned that he couldn’t get the rights to Silence of the Lambs, so Starling, and Barney won’t be brought up until they get to the Hannibal book. Also with Chilton dead, Hannibal’s time in the Baltimore State Hospital won’t be quite as interesting without Chilton.

      Who knows how he decides to play this? Fuller has already shown that these characters aren’t bound by their fate in Thomas Harris’ world.

    • giantslor

      In more recent interviews Fuller said he’s now planning six seasons. I suppose that could change again.

      • WolfQueen

        They couldn’t get the rights to Barney’s character either (along with Starling and Jame Gumb), so they just made up another attendant. Also, there are secrets that Fuller has let slip about characters that we thought were gone after this season that will be in the next season.

  • scors54

    Not only did Alana call for backup, but will called for an ambulance before he entered. I loved the twist in the house (not spoiling–but you know what I mean) with Alana, but the one at the very very end was even more of a WTF?? Moment. I love the way they have re-imagined the source material.

  • Cichy

    Amazing finale for an amazing show. This show is just on another level when you compare it to the other network shows.

  • Ltg1998

    Is it a good show? I missed it when it first started and haven’t been able to find it anywhere.

    • JonathanBarkan

      It’s fantastic. I can’t wait for when they announce a series box set on blu-ray. Totally picking that up!

      • Ltg1998

        Dang, now I’m gonna have to go on the hunt for a copy of the first season. The hunt begins!

    • Dana

      You can catch all episodes from the beginning on

      • Ltg1998

        Thanks, I will check it out.

    • wiser now Grammy ♥

      It’s on Amazon streaming. 1st season free with Prime, the 2nd will show up I expect.

      • Ltg1998

        Thanks! I will go on it and check it out.

  • Bulkapalooza

    It’s literally the best show on network television. It’s amazing the stuff that this show is able to get away with. Hannibal is a true and genuine gem.

  • Deanna

    It was a very poetic episode. I loved the ticking throughout. I loved Jack’s obsession with stopping Hannibal even when being told what he was doing was illegal– it proved to us that this went so much deeper than matters of the law for Jack. He consumed this case to the point where he didn’t just forget it once it was time to clock out at the end of the day. I REALLY loved the kitchen scene where Hannibal gives Will the one final chance to join him. In another show, their final embrace would have been a romantic betrayal; it had enough face-touching. Perhaps it was to Hannibal. I didn’t expect at all that he would stab Will like that, but in hindsight it makes sense. Bringing back Abigail just to kill her “again” seemed cheap initially, but upon reflection, that also just seems like something Hannibal would do. It casts the entire season in a completely different light.

    The last thing that really stands out to me was the line exchanged between Hannibal and Alana when she first enters the house.

    “Where’s Jack?”
    “In the pantry.”

    I’m not really sure why, but the way he said it and the absurd blunt honesty of it was really terrifying. I don’t think I like how Alana was written in this season compared to the last one, but I like how she was completely willing to shoot Hannibal if given the chance.

    Great episode. It’s definitely the darkest we’ve seen. I hope season 3 keeps this tone.

    • Dante

      Yeah I also found how he said “in the pantry” super creepy.

    • Darkness69

      Yep, that line was as creepy as hell. Loved it.

    • I liked how the scales seemed to fall from Alana’s eyes, once she knew Freddie was alive. The scene in the previous episode where Hannibal smells the gunpowder on her, and then the later imagery of her drowning in darkness — imagine what she must have felt after all that time in bed with H. That kind of idealism wounds easily.

  • J Jett

    it was a good finale. i didn’t love it but it was decent good. the post credits “bonus” scene was confusing though. Bedelia going with Hannibal (how did they even meet up) just seems silly.

    • Donna

      I figure it was this way.. Hannibal had saved Abigail for Will to be his companion and so therefore, why should he be left out without a companion and the only one available for that would be Bedelia..

  • zombie84_41

    was it even bloody LOl. I never got into this show. I found it boring.

    • Disturbia

      It was super bloody, so was the previous episode. I found the show pretty boring for the first 4 or 5 episodes but after that it’s been the most thrilling hour of television out of everything I watch.

    • giantslor

      It’s not a show for people with ADD who don’t like intelligent writing and need Michael Bay-style directing/editing in order to be entertained. Also, yes, it was one of the bloodiest hours in the history of television.

    • Bhammer100

      There is a difference between a show being boring and a show that takes its time. This show takes its time.

  • Disturbia

    There’s a few things I found disappointing about the final episode:
    1. Hannibal didn’t step on Alana’s throat before walking away
    2. Abigail was still flopping around like a fish
    3. He didn’t finish anyone off for sure. I’d be fine with them all being dead but knowing one or two are dead would have been nice.
    4. He didn’t stop by Jack’s house and kill off his wife which would have been a great fuck you to Jack

    Clearly I’m root for Hannibal. My wife isn’t though and was pretty disturbed that he won again.

    • Donna

      She (your wife) should be pretty disturbed that you were so disappointed that Hannibal wasn’t a bit more aggressive and bloodthirsty as you wanted him to be.. smh

      • Disturbia

        Meh, they’re fictional characters poorly playing a game of chess against a master chess player. They had it coming. He had every right to kill them all once they lost but he just walked away. Alana and Will especially after the opportunities he gave them. Hannibal is a pretty polite killer and they were “rude”.

    • ndgogrl21

      Killing them all off wouldn’t have surprised me one bit considering
      Fuller killed off Chilton, though I’m sure that has to do with him
      having zero rights to Silence of the Lambs. Unfortunately, that means no
      Starling, Barney, or Chilton.

      With that being said, they killed off one of the co-starring females in Beverly Katz, and it looks like Dr. Du Maurier, Gillian Anderson’s character, is done. So, I’m hoping that Dr. Bloom sticks around, but she’s already had a bigger part in the show than in the book.

      I would think Crawford and Graham live, but (SPOILER ALERT) I just noticed on Fishburne’s IMDB that he has a pilot series in pre-production.

      Also, in the book, Graham doesn’t actually catch Hannibal, the Maryland State Police arrest him. Whichever way it goes, I’ll be watching!

      • Derrick Hassert

        Fuller has confirmed in several interviews that Chilton will return. He specifically had him shot in the face to get the visceral impact of the possibility of him dying while also finding a way for him to return: He never planned on killing Chilton. He can still get the rights to Barney and Starling.

    • VonEnemy

      Hannibal thinks death is a right. that Jacks wife tried to kill herself in front of him, well he found that displeasing so he wants to make sure she lives and suffers…so he has no plans to pay her a visit later except to see she’s still suffering.

      • Also, if Bella had died, yes, Jack would have grieved and probably taken some time off the case, BUT, sooner or later he would have dusted himself off and redoubled his efforts, just to stay busy and keep his mind off having been widowed. With Bella just sort of hanging between life and death, Jack has the distractions of a) checking in with her often to not let her worry about him b) supervising and paying the caregivers c) perhaps holding back so as to not get himself killed while she still needs him. Bella being alive is not terribly convenient for Jack to proceed with this case, but it’s damned convenient (and amusing, of course) for Hannibal.

  • It seems like I’ve been interpreting that final scene a lot differently than some others; I did not feel like Bedelia was a willing companion at all. Maybe I read it wrong. Either way, easily one of the most unforgettable episodes of television I’ve ever seen.

  • Darkness69

    It was poetic to the core, and the dialogue between Will and Hannibal is brilliantly written – as is everything else, really. I’m rooting for all seven seasons!

  • Michael Wilson

    Fuller has said he’s wanted to do 6 seasons (down from an original 7) so I think there’s a plan for sure

  • Skeptanormal

    This season was soooooo badly written that I stopped watching. The first season was great but this season became so unbelievable that it was hard to suspend reality, especially when the series was very realistic the first season (with the exception of that stupid stag hallucination). I’ll find the finale online only because of the gore I suppose, but I’ll watch it on mute to avoid all the self-indulgent dialogue.

    • Aimee Exorcist

      ..Really? To each their own but to me the constant sense of unrealism, the OTT dialogue and the rest is what makes the show. Wouldn’t have it any other way!

    • madskills

      So Hannibal breaks the neck of a person, right in front of Will, a person who Lecter gave drugs to. And you can’t arrest him. Agree with the poor script. Why didn’t Will just give Lecter the head of the guy from the museum…. Fuller must have been using the same drugs Hannibal gave to Mason….

      • Disturbia

        Will’s credibility is completely shit at this point and Mason lied and said he broke his neck in a fall. Will couldn’t go after Hannibal unless it’s something that would be concrete enough for serious jail time (life in prison or the death penalty). This was not the opportunity he was looking for.

    • Bhammer100

      Disagree, strongly. If you are looking for realism, this show is not for you. It never was. It takes place in its own heightened reality.

    • I agree in part — the finale made up for most of the flaws, but there were flaws, and plenty of them. There was so much filler. The bird-in-the-corpse-in-the-horse was one. Amanda Plummer made a nice chunk o’ change with her episode, but really, other than giving yet another boost to the art direction, what was the point? I never understood the baliff-judge-mayhem sequence, either. It was easy to tell when the writers were really excited about what they were putting out and when they were just timing the action to fit yet another half hour. ‘Sokay, though, I love the show; been a Lecter fan since “Silence,” and agree that Mikkelsen absolutely fills Thomas Harris’ original conception of the character MUCH better than Sir Tony did, with all due respect.

      • Romantic Placebo

        Who’s looking for realism in a nightmare?

  • Dan Rodriguez

    This last episode confirmed what I’ve been saying since the first season, Hannibal is the best television show on air and one of the best from all time. And not trying to be polemic, and with all due respect to Mr. Hopkins, but it also puts Mads Mikkelsen as the definitive Dr. Hannibal Lecter in my opinion.

    • BlondieAmbition

      hands down agree. it’s art and it’s gorgeous.

  • yoko nomura

    Who was the man staning by Will on the porch at his house when Will took a shot at the animal with horns? Who were passing by his house in the cars ( I thought more than a few) when Will was on a phone with Alana? And what was it supposed to mean when Will called Hannibal and to tell him that they (the FBI) know? It was exactly what Hannibal did/said to Abigail’s dad in the season 1. Did Will really mean to let Hannibal leave unharmed and tried to avoid the deadly confrontation between Hannibal &Jack, because he could not choose between the two?? I have so many questions but the finale has grown inside of me as time passed. Amazing work!!

    • Esther Cottrell

      The guy on the porch was Will’s “hallucination” of Abigail’s father. The cars were the FBI on their way to come pick up since the lady boss ordered a warrant for him and Jack.

      • yoko nomura

        What is the significance of the elm in the drama?

        • Kevin Nivek Murphy

          Raven Elk = Wendigo = Hannibal Lector = Chesapeake Ripper

    • Sarigar

      Garrett Jacob Hobbs, aka the Minnesota Shrike, Abigail’s father and the serial killer Will confronted and killed.

      • yoko nomura

        So did Hannibal try to get Will to confess? Did Will think of leaving after Hannibal?? How did Hannibal develop a relationship with Abigail? And did he really want to start a life with Will and Abigail somewhere???

      • SuperwholockFan

        Will called Hannibal because he was protecting Jack, he wanted Hannibal to leave, Jack was alone and Hannibal could have killed him. Will says to Hannibal ”You were supposed to leave” (after that call)

    • madskills

      I think Will thought the FBI sharp shooters would still be around the house and he wanted Hannibal to become sloppy. The shooters weren’t there because Jack’s boss put an end to the trap. That’s also why Alana showed up to try to save Jack as she knew he planned to take out Lecter.

  • Kill Joy

    The character of Will was almost gutted just as he was in this finale. He spends months in the hospital then after release he retires from the FBI. Years later Crawford pulls him back to work on a serial killer case which was the RED DRAGON murderer. Who later stabs Wills face making him disfigured. So no matter what a true fan would know Will would live. The other characters are expendable. Fuller wants Hannibal to go 7 seasons with season 4 being where Silence of the Lambs picks up. So i’ve heard.

    • giantslor

      Fuller said in his most recent interviews that he now wants to collapse two seasons into one, so six seasons total.

    • Kelsey Love

      I think season 4 is supposed to be Red Dragon and 5 would be Silence.


    Anyone worrying about more seasons of Hannibal, need not. Fuller plans to go for six, after planning seven, he condensed a season and it’s now six. Also..

    At the bottom of this comment is an article that if you’re a Hannibal fan, now traumatised by the season finale, will bring you much needed relief, and the knowledge that this show, is absolutely under control.









    Abigale didn’t survive the second throat slice (… most likely)

    Dr Chilton is most likely alive and brooding waiting for Hannibal to be captured at the end of season 3 (… highly likely)

    Will isn’t dead (erm…maybe. Better fuckin’ not be anyway)

    Jack probably is dead. (maybe…hmm, well his arc was complete, and there’s nowhere for his character to go now)

    Bloom’s probably alive. (Well potentially, but wont be dancing any time soon)

    Gillian Anderson was on that plane, it wasn’t a wishful thought of Hannibal’s. (confirmed) She may actually be the super villain of the show, and is about to become a regular if negotiations work out

    Clairice Starling wont appear in Hannibal, another studio owns rights to the characters Starling and Buffalo Bill, but they will introduce a very similar character to Starling in the following seasons.

    Hannibal Lector is definitely alive and smugly anticipating…

    Mason Verger’s revenge, he’ll be back, maybe next season or for the fourth.

    Will Graham is one of the best characters and played flawlessly, well, like everyone on the show actually, but he needs to be front and centre; Hannibal’s nemesis.

    Hannibal is the bloodiest show EVER made for TV, and I’m trying to think of movies that match it in terms of visceral imagery, and only a few come to mind, and they are fucking blood drenched gore festivals.


    I thought Breaking Bad was the pinnacle of creativity on the small screen, but Hannibal is it’s equal in all departments. Visually it even surpasses it.

    Anyway enough speculative assumptions, read this article by IGN where they interview Fuller at length, where he inadvertently confirms much of the ‘speculation’ above.

    • BlondieAmbition

      hugh confirmed he’s back and Jack as well, depending on his other projects.

    • giantslor

      Fuller in interviews has straight up lied multiple times about the fates of various characters, so I wouldn’t take anything he says on that subject at face value. (Not that I begrudge him for it; it makes the series harder to predict.) The only thing I’m pretty confident about is that Will Graham will be back, because Hugh Dancy said so, and I don’t think he’d lie.

      • venezia59

        Also, this really has been HIS show, as well as Mads’. So to kill off a very popular and essential male lead–I can’t see them doing that.

    • Carmen

      Is there no chance of working this out with whatever studio owns Clarice Starling and Buffalo Bill? I don’t want to see a similar character, I want to see that character filtered through Bryan Fuller. I think Hannibal has been fantastic so far, I don’t mind any of the changes but Clarice is so important, I’d rather they just avoid it completely if they can’t get her.

      • polock91

        Theoretically, Fuller could just do what he did with Bloom’s character and make a Clarence Sterling lol

  • Sarigar

    I thought it was also horribly poetic that Hannibal slashed Abigail’s neck in exactly the same place her father cut her when he tried to kill her in season one. Now two father figures have tried to murder her, although the second one probably had more success. Hannibal meant for Will and Jack to survive (or at the very least was indifferent to their fates), but I don’t think we’ll see Abigail alive again.

  • Ryan Carr

    So, I’ve loved the show as it’s only gotten better and this finale was excellent. However, I can’t help but want Fuller to at least loosely remain true to the canon. I can appreciate him taking creative liberties (such as with the Margot/Mason storyline) and wanting his own creative freedom but I’m hoping for the following:
    1. Chilton is not dead and will return upon Hannibal’s capture
    2. Will and Jack survive (personally don’t mind Abigail or Alana dying – I like Alana but am at a loss why anybody would like Abigail’s character as it’s pretty weak)
    3. Gillian Anderson’s character is actually on the plane with Hannibal as part of the last ditch effort of Will and Jack’s plan to catch Hannibal. She told them herself that Hannibal’s undoing would be due his own proclivity to “get lost in self-congratulation of his own exquisite taste and cunning”. It just doesn’t make sense that one moment she’s afraid of him and thinks he’s dangerous and then suddenly wants to go on the run with him. So, maybe she’s the final trap.

    As much as I love the Hannibal character and enjoy seeing him come out on top, I also am excited to see him behind bars, counseling on cases like The Red Dragon, and mocking Chilton.

    • WolfQueen

      I see them saving Alana because the “Alan Bloom” character does reappear later in the books/movies. Abigail is probably the main goner.

      • venezia59

        Also, she provides great psychological fodder for the storyline–imagine how damaged she will be, knowing she loved this monster. Seeing her dealing with the aftermath, which we really haven’t seen of her yet, would be really interesting.

    • Kelsey Love

      I’m wondering if Alana will return with some sort of physical damage from the fall. I really don’t care about Abigail though, was happy when I thought she’d been killed off last season and annoyed when they kept mentioning her in these last few episodes.

  • WolfQueen

    I loved the second season of the show. I DESPISED the first season. It drove me nuts what they did to the Will Graham character. Graham was always “odd” but he wasn’t fucking Rainman. Thankfully they toned down the “this is my design” bullshit for the second season and focused on other things. After the finale on Friday, I just sat there with my mouth open. I couldn’t even function. LOL.

    • CiaranMacAoidh

      Did you really despise it? What brought you back for season two?

      I loved season one and two but I found some of season two a little over the top. I know they operate on a stylised reality but that tree set-up in the parking lot was a bit much. As for the end of S2, I had exactly the same reaction. I’m gonna watch it again right now to try to take it in a bit more.

  • Trioxin83

    Here is an awesome interview with director Bryan Fuller about the ending of season 2 and what to expect in season 3:

  • foxyfifty

    I was not sitting digesting the ending, like you,….I was up and yelling and a wreck!
    I assumed Will would live as the knife wound looked painful, but not life
    I was yelling at Dr. Bloom “Why didn’t you run out the front door?”
    Also “What is taking the police so long??”
    The ending on the airplane was totally unexpected.
    I am not to enamored with Dr. Bloom. She seems to flounder as a
    psycho-therapist, does not really seem to know how to read people
    and then when she was at the crime scene doing a profile, I thought
    “Really? Why?” Its like she was jumping on the profiler bandwagon.
    She seems to be wrong most of the time.

    • venezia59

      I don’t think you can really be that literal with this show in terms of how much time has passed, and what would happen in “real life” because this show operates on a whole ‘nother plane. But…the front door was being blocked by Hannibal. There was only one place Alana could run–upstairs. The cops were there at the end–you could see the flashing lights as Hannibal walked away, and how much time really passed–five minutes? Also, in defense of Alana, she had known Hannibal for a long time. He was her mentor, which is already a position of power. And isn’t the whole point that Hannibal can manipulate anyone to do and believe anything? Throw in his charisma and sexuality–I’d probably be pretty blind too!

      • foxyfifty

        I thought he was coming out of the kitchen, didn’t realize the door was blocked. I know Hannibal can manipulate, but I still didn’t really like
        her character. She just couldn’t seem to get a grasp on personalities, which she is suppose to do.
        She hops into bed with Will, then thinks he is a killer. Then she
        hops into bed with Hannibal, after all of Will’s warnings.
        Not to say I can blame her, :)) it just struck me that her character
        lacked the ability to do her job.
        Freddie is more on the ball in that area.

        Oh…do you remember that scene where Hannibal is sitting in his
        “Kill Suit”? I really thought he was in Will’s house because of
        the Elk drawing.
        Does anyone know whose room that was?

        • venezia59

          I think that was Freddy Lounds apt, if I’m thinking of the scene you mean. I agree Alana’s character was really weak. I actually like Freddy better. She seems to have more on the ball.

  • Kondorr

    They were talking about 6 to 7 seasons… not three..

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