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‘Silent Hill: Downpour’ Lives On With “Anne’s Story”

In March 2012, Silent Hill: Downpour became the latest entry in one of gaming’s most beloved survival horror franchises — so long as you don’t count Book of Memories, which was more of an experiment than anything else. It may have been flawed, but there’s no denying that Downpour had ambition.

Vatra Games definitely stumbled in the enemy department, but they excelled at something that I think is just as important, and that’s the difficult feat of blending elements that made the early games so appealing, like their dark narratives and old school design, with a more open world that rewarded players for straying off the beaten path with stuff like optional side quests.

I’m afraid Downpour will be remembered for leading to the eventual closure of its developer, which shuttered following its lukewarm reception and very poor sales. This means whatever plans Vatra may have had for a potential follow-up to Downpour were almost definitely lost with them. However, if you consider yourself to be a fan of their unique take on the series, there is some good news: the story will continue in the form of a comic titled “Silent Hill Downpour: Anne’s Story”.

I missed the comic’s initial re-unveiling at WonderCon 2014 last month — in fact, I only learned of it now because I follow the blog of comic book writer and artist T-Rex Jones, where he recently posted the comic’s fantastic cover art (see below).

Anne’s Story is being written by Tom Waltz, who you may recognize from his work on “Silent Hill: Sinner’s Reward”, “Silent Hill: Past Life”, and Silent Hill: Downpour, with art by Tristan “T-Rex” Jones (“Ghostbusters”, “Hoax Hunters”). It will follow Anne Marie Cunningham, the tenacious police officer who refused to give up in her endless pursuit of escaped convict and Downpour lead, Murphy Pendleton. It’s due for a release sometime this summer.


Pretty cool, huh? In related news, back in January we held a week-long celebration of all things Silent Hill in our first ever Silent Hill Week. It was a good time and may even inspire me to do something similar for Resident Evil, if that’s something you think you could be in to.




  • JonathanBarkan

    I got so excited thinking that this was going to be a DLC! Ah well, the comics are still really awesome!

    • NINTR

      I was thinking the same thing! I got my hopes up that maybe… just maybe… there would be a DLC… I guess I’ll shed tears of joy some other time. 🙂

    • John Skinner

      Was Downpour any good? Heard nothing but bad things about it but never tried it.

      • JonathanBarkan

        The combat is clunky and the enemies not really all the diverse, which is super similar to Silent Hill 2, but the atmosphere is spot on. Also, the music is astonishing. They nailed everything about a Silent Hill game that I wanted and I actually consider it to be one of my absolute favorites of the series.

        • John Skinner

          OK I might as well pick it up then (I mean is only $10 at my local game store).

        • Adam Dodd

          Jon touched on the enemies not being very diverse, but I’d like to add to that the fact that, with the exception of one, they’re ALL hugely uninspired and fail to inspire any real terror. That goes for one of the bosses, too.

          But yes, you should still get this game.

          • NINTR

            Though I’d have to say those Prisoner Juggernauts made me a little uncomfortable. XD

  • a very British hamster


  • a very British hamster

    I think the god awful (yet guiltily pleasurable) Silent Hill revelations which came out around the same time had part in Downpour’s downfall. :/

  • Don’t know how I missed the WonderCon news also… We blew it.

  • Sick_skwerl

    Fantastic! Downpour had it’s faults, but I’d love to see it’s story continued…

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