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League Of Legends Band Pentakill Release “Lightbringer”

Okay, so I’m a little confused on this one but I’m going to try and make this as accurate as possible. From what I understand, in the hit video game League Of Legends there is a continent called Valoran. To mediate any sort of political conflicts that may arise, there is an actual organization called “The League Of Legends” that is comprised of several champions.

Now, here’s where it gets kinda fun. A few of these champions have come together to form a band called Pentakill, which is widely considered to be Valoran’s only rock/metal band. This band will be releasing their debut album Smite And Ignite on June 3rd and to hype it up they’ve released a track entitled “Lightbringer”, which you can hear below.

It’s a solid mix of power metal and classic hard rock, which combines to a rather fun tune. I’ve never played LoL but I’m definitely interested in learning more about these guys!

Fellow armsmen, I ask you,
Will you follow me tonight to break their spine,
And reclaim what once was mine?
Those cravens.

Backstabbed me, deceived me,
Never shall I tolerate their crimes again,
Now let the hunt begin.

7000 souls, scared and daunted, such tale of woe,
Not too long ago, this village was a golden
scene of hope.

Call down the reckoning,
To bring back hope and peace,
Restore our gloria,
To live forever.

Bring down the dark regime,
I know how to unleash eternal power,
Lead us to order,
I am the Lightbringer!

Fellow warriors, I ask you,
Should my campaign come to an end?
There’s way more to avenge.

15 million souls,
Living in this realm without much hope,
Not too long ago, this kingdom was a golden
state of hope.



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